Abby’s favorite spot, when work follows you home, and some (shin) hockey!

Yes, that would be Abby…

…in one of her favorite spots – on top of a pile of my dirty laundry…like workout clothes dirty. Ew. lol

I had every intention of getting back to my training schedule this week, but the realities of my job got in the way. I work in pediatrics which can be very rewarding but it can be heart wrenching. We have many patients (remember, these are CHILDREN) with HORRIFIC stories of neglect and abuse. Every time I think I have heard the worst story, we get hit with a more gut wrenching one. I have become good at, for the most part, when I leave at the end of the day, leaving it behind and not taking the horror home with me. But I failed this week. This week we were just hit with one too many stories (really, they’re realities of what this world contains), and I couldn’t shake it off and leave it behind. Those children’s voices and eyes came home with me…and I have not slept well this week. Lots of nightmares or frustrating dreams. And not so much about the kids, but amplifications of my own stresses…like I was not able to cope with my own personal “normal stresses” of life because I had brought work stress/worries home with me.

I am fortunate to work at a fabulous place with an amazing team and I will be ok. We are all suffering this week (just knowing I am not alone helps), next week we will be debriefing so we can heal and, suffice it to say, I have never looked forward to a weekend so much in my life.

In terms of training…I’m in a weird spot right now. I don’t have any State races planned for the rest of the year because I have to save my money for, seriously, what will be a trip of a lifetime. I’m going to be ringing in 2017 in Namibia, Africa.

More on that in the months to come…but, I need to come up with some local (within my province or next door in Quebec) races in order to keep me in check! I have signed up for a very small half marathon in June – not planning any spectacular performance, just doing it for fun with teammates (like FG…I’ll start with her and then she can wait for me at the end!) and after speaking with my coach, this is my training plan for the next few weeks:

Last night I had hockey…and the weather couldn’t have been better – this is the temp my car was reading!

27C/81F!!!! And yes, remember that just on Monday I was wearing a toque and mitts!!

I didn’t play particularly well (my mind just not there completely), but it was a great night!

And we played until after the sun went down…

I’ll blame it on my mind being elsewhere, but I showed up to the game last night…without my shin guards. Other than a mouthguard and the occasional hand protection, shin guards are really the only line of defense you have against that rock ball. But really, how often do you get hit by a ball in the shins??

See how it looks like I ran around the perimeter at the top and at the bottom? Yeah, that’s me walking off the incredible pain of taking a ball to the shin. Yeah, let’s not talk about it any further…it really hurt.

Social time after the game with teammates made it better, though!!

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Abby’s favorite spot, when work follows you home, and some (shin) hockey!

  1. flynnroad

    I can’t imagine having a job like yours.
    I am too much of a cry baby 🙂
    Good luck and thanks for being there for the people that need it.

    Don’t forget sunscreen in Nambia. You’re a pasty white Canuck!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Thanks, Tom. I love my job very much and am very lucky to work with amazing people.

      Hahaha – OMG. I will basically bath in sunscreen!! I hope lions & cheetahs don’t like the taste of it!!



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