A great workout wrapped up with a bunch of hills and Abby’s latest food group.

Spring & summer weather means warmer temps and lots of sunshine…but it also means that we’re back to the hilly hellish mile repeats for team practice on Tuesday nights.

Don’t let that gorgeous sunshine fool you into thinking it was lovely last night…below is the elevation graph. Up, down, up down…gross. lol

FullSizeRender (2)I hate them…but at the same time, love them in a sick way. There is no way I would ever do this on my own, but it is such a good workout that I’m grateful our coach is cruel enough to make us do them. Last night’s directions were: 3-4 loops (1 mile each), 3 minute rest in between each loop, at honest 10k pace. And he was VERY serious about the pace. We also did a 4k warm-up (which was not captured on my garmin) and a 4k cooldown.

Given that a) I haven’t done this workout since last September and b) I’m still scarred from Cincinnati (lol – but serious at the same time), I actually did do it at what is probably my 10k pace (not that I know as I have never run a 10k in my life lol!). My loops were: 7:10, 7:00, 6:53

My heart got a good workout as you can see!

I did 3 loops – in the next couple of weeks I’ll aim to do 4…only FG did 4 last night! Oh, and FG pulled off a 39:55 10k over the weekend. NBG.

So you know how Abby’s meds have the effect of (insane) increased thirst? Well, the other side effect is increased hunger. And let me tell you, Abby’s was through the roof before meds, now it’s right out of control and I feel so bad for her – she often won’t even cuddle with  me on the couch – instead she lies on the kitchen floor with eternal hope that food will magically fall into her mouth. It’s awful. But because she is so desperate, she is resorting to eating non-food items while I’m at work. And last Friday, what she ate BLEW. MY. MIND.

I found these remnants on the floor…hard to know what it was, right? Well, I’ll tell you. It used to be one of these:


Yes, I panicked a little. But there wasn’t much I could do – damage was done. But as you can see, all those shards of plastic, not to mention the tape, passed right through her without incident.

She will be the death of me. lol

Happy Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “A great workout wrapped up with a bunch of hills and Abby’s latest food group.

  1. runn247

    I’m glad the weather is looking up for you! When the sun is out, that can really make the difference. You’re going to have a good year of running, I can just feel it!! 🙂 As for Abby, you may need more child gates. haha Poor thing though. I feel lucky with my Sophie that she doesn’t eat anything except for flying insects like flies and bees. Though, she instantly throws up once she eats a bee…but never learns. Are you back in training mode for your next race or what? When are you going to be back to California? 🙂


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Abby has always had a weak spot for paper…lol
      I think this week and next will see me back in training mode…I have a race in June…but it’s unlikely that I will be going for any PRs this year – just have other things to do!
      As for Cali…I will be back once the other 35 states are done! lol



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