Abby cuteness (and not) and prepping for my OHIO race (this weekend)!!

Yeah, this is pretty much how it is when my alarm goes off in the morning. Every morning.

I just can’t take how cute she is.

Well…most of the time. Rest assured, I was ready to adopt her out when I discovered this last night…

Yes. Again. LOOK AT THAT DRAWER. She PULLED IT OPEN THAT FAR!!! One hanging folder and one folder and its contents…GONE. URGH. The door to this room is now closed.

I have a 2013 Elantra GT (hatchback)…I LOVE it. And I made my final payment on it this past weekend!!

But of course, my brakes then started making a funny sound. Because I know NOTHING about cars and trust mechanics as much as I trust Abby with a filing cabinet full of hanging folders, I am so grateful to have a friend, Harry, who is the Service Manager at a local Honda dealership. Dropped my car off yesterday morning…

…and Harry gave me his car for the day (seriously, I am lucky). I’ll be honest. I really do love my Hyundai, but Hondas have my heart. My first car was a Honda Civic. And this is what Harry drives…and a souped up one at that. Although,  it really doesn’t take much to impress me.

Like, my car does NOT have an HDMI outlet – this is cool. Like, can you watch a movie on the dashbboard display??  Although, really, for me, not sure how useful that would be…oh wait, Abby might disagree…lol

Anyway, Harry’s guys totally serviced my brakes (and gave me a great deal), diagnosed my car with a seized hand brake, and then called my dealership to see if it might be covered under warranty because they didn’t want to charge me for work needlessly.

Like I said, I’m so lucky to know Harry.

It is covered under warranty so it’s going to my dealership next week with the confidence that THAT IS THE ONLY THING WRONG with it so they can’t try and swindle me for more!

Ok, so let’s talk about running for a minute (LOL). I basically haven’t run all week. I’ve been feeling the threat of a cold and as I am crossing state #15 off this weekend when I run Cincinnati, Ohio’s Flying Pig half marathon on Sunday, I am doing everything NOT to get sick!

So that has included REST. I fly out tomorrow (Friday) and will be back Monday evening. I’m super excited for it, but mostly because I’ll be meeting up with my friend Luis who was with me for Atlanta (August 2015) and Birmingham (February 2016) and I’ll be meeting, in person, twitter friends Tom and Jen! THIS is what I love about my 50 State goal…the people I meet along the way! I will recount our adventures next week once I’m back!

Until then, here’s a recent Abby throwdown to tide you over!

Happy Thursday!!!

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