Even if I had a doghouse, you know she’d have a party in it, and I my manage to stretch out my birthday a wee bit more!

Want to know why she’s giving me this pathetic look?

Because I was NOT impressed with her. Because I found THIS aftermath.

She opened that filing drawer ALL BY HERSELF. And devoured 1 full hanging file (minus its metal rods) and its contents, and destroyed another.

But she knows I can’t stay long at her for long…I mean, really, how can you?? She’s ridiculous.

Saturday morning saw me on a solo 11 mile long run (no one on the team could align their schedules lol). While a chilly sub-freezing windchill, the sun was gorgeous and warm (well, relatively warm).

Then in the afternoon I went over to my parents’ house for belated birthday celebrations – they had been off gallivanting in Europe on my birthday.

This is a chocolate + caramel square because, Jane fact, I hate cake.

Then they took me to a movie (Eye in the Sky – which is AMAZING, but not at all uplifting) and we went VIP styles with the huge comfy chairs and seat-side service – my dad and I shared a pitcher of beer 🙂

And then after the movie we went to The Taj Mahal restaurant and were treated to delicious food!We had roasted veggies, butter chicken and beef vindaloo…sooooooooo good!

Sunday…well…to be honest, I didn’t do very much and it was awesome. I did groceries and chores around the house…and dealt with a new season of throwdowns.

Seriously. It’s out of control. And yes, I carried her a few times. And yes, my neighbours made fun of me.

Oh, and I got my winter tires switched off yesterday!

For those of you who live in warmer climates, most of us in the northern world, have two sets of tires – the winter ones are made of material that deal better with the ice/temperature. And I have now found a guy who COMES TO MY HOUSE AND CHANGES MY TIRES!! Normally, I have to make an appointment, take the car in, wait forever…but this, this is like heaven!! I love Dan the Tire Guy!!!

This was Abby as I left for work this morning…

I almost can’t take it. She cracks me up endlessly.

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Even if I had a doghouse, you know she’d have a party in it, and I my manage to stretch out my birthday a wee bit more!

  1. ultrarunner2014

    Happy belated birthday and Abby’s throw downs absolutely made my day.

    Also, your trees are naked! I’m in Alberta and we already have leaves on our trees! It’s been a crazy winter for you hey?

    I think Dan the tire guy would be worth proposing to. 🙂


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      You already have leaves?? Whaaaaat?! Our trees have tiny little buds on them, so there is hope!! lol
      Oh, just wait, Abby will entertain you with plenty more throwdowns!!
      I know, Dan the Tire Guy is THE BEST!! lol



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