Hockey is upon us again, my lifesaver at work, and Prince & Taylor Swift.

Yeah, so this was me last night…

lol. First outdoor game of field hockey for the season.

Then beers afterwards!

I didn’t run this morning, because hockey last night was on our brand new turf…

…that everyone keeps telling me will make me hurt REAL BAD the next day

Which then just makes me this of Russell Peters…

(if you don’t know him, he’s worth the youtube google!)

Anyway, with a race next weekend, I didn’t want to chance it…and, Abby’s getting me up twice a night lately to go outside, so I welcomed an extra hour of sleep!

I am lucky and work with one of my best friends…

…and one of the reasons she is my best friend is because she “takes care” of spiders that find their way into my office! LIFESAVER.

Am wearing my “retired” racing flats at work today…this morning, in my kitchen, just as I was leaving, I realized that should there be a power outage at work today, I will be able to guide people to safety!


So the death of Prince yesterday was shocking to us all…well, those of us who listened to his music…I was telling a colleague yesterday about Prince’s passing just as one of our teenage patients walked in the room…

Patient: who died?

Me: Prince.

Patient: who’s Prince?

Me: an extraordinary musician

Patient: hmm. Yeah, I don’t know Prince. But I know who Taylor Swift is.


It’s raining here today…I’m at work…Abby is…well, you know…

Happy Friday!!

4 thoughts on “Hockey is upon us again, my lifesaver at work, and Prince & Taylor Swift.

  1. irtfyblog

    The King may have died sometime in the 70’s and Prince may have died the other day, but God save the Queen, who has managed to live well past her time. 😉 (too soon?)



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