Abby’s reign continues and my certainly not smart but fun workout plan this week!

The caption to the photo below is, “Mom, I don’t understand why a) you’re always in MY bed and b) why you take up so much room!?” Followed by a hard core wiener dog glare.

When I woke up this morning, she was lying across 3/4 of the bed and had commandeered 3 of the 4 pillows. Sigh.

After my heel scare (which, to be honest, is still whispering slightly to me), I decided I also needed to retire my current racing flats…you know, 7 halfs and 2 indoor seasons of training on the track, I figured they MIGHT have done their job…and then some.

Here are my New Balance 1400v3. Pretty snazzy, no? Although, not everyone was excited about the shoes…

…no others are excited that they might get the chance to eat cardboard!!…WHEN will I learn not to leave paper products within snout reach??!!

Normally track workout with the team is Tuesday night and for the last few weeks I’ve had to do them on my own in the morning on the TM because of my work schedule, and this week was no different with work, but I had a different plan for order of workouts. Let’s be clear, I didn’t think it was a SMART plan, but it was likely going to be more fun.

So Tuesday I did my tempo run (5 miles at 7:30-7:18 min/mi or 4:40-4:32min/km) and wore my new shoes (so I could at least wear them ONCE before my race next weekend lol)

They were sooooo comfy! 🙂

And then this morning (this is where my plan is not a smart plan) I met FG at 6:30am for an outdoor track workout.

3 sets of 5x300m (jog the 100m in between intervals).

24 hours after my tempo run.

To say my legs felt like blocks of cement would be an understatement. lol. And let’s be clear, I didn’t actually run WITH FG – we would start each set together, but she was soon way in front of me…cement legs are not conducive to FG speeds!

And note how she is wearing shorts? Yeah, for most of the workout not only did I wear mitts, but…

…I also had some hand warmers tucked in there as well!! It was just above freezing…and I’m a wuss!! lol

Gorgeous sunset last night out behind my house…

Enjoyed right after I caught Abby starting to dig her umpteenth hold in the backyard.

&*#@ Wiener Dog DNA!!! lol

Happy Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “Abby’s reign continues and my certainly not smart but fun workout plan this week!

  1. Jim

    When does it start to get warmer? I can (kinda) relate to having my hands warm. I can be in shorts and t-shirt, but if my hands are cold while running, it’s going to be a short run. hahah


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Well, last weekend it was suddenly quite warm (25C/77F) on the weekend and then dropped down to more normal temps…it’ll be up and down like this until mid-June! And yes, I’m the same way – MY HANDS MUST BE WARM!!!


  2. irtfyblog

    LOL! I love that Abby only has to give you a look and you know what she’s thinking.

    Looks like you’re workouts are going well…good for you!! and I gotta say, though I’m not big on the colorful sneakers, I like the look of those New Balance. Nice choice…and nice snapshot of them on the treadmill. lol.



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