My eyes revolted (again), best 21k in months, and my speedy teammates!

The end to the weekend was absolutely amazing. We hit 25C/77F by Sunday afternoon and I made sure to relax out on the back patio and soak up the warmth…but see where that arrow is pointing? Yeah, that’s still a pile of snow! lol

But as good as the end of the weekend was, most of it was pretty rough. Another allergy issue with my eyes – but now I know exactly what I’m allergic to and will NEVER GO NEAR IT AGAIN.  It caused some blistering under my eyes and mega swelling…you don’t need to see a pic of it at its worse, but here’s one taken when it was it was a million times better.

Saturday morning I was out watching some of my teammates race in a 5k, 10k and a 10 miler.

Here is Lisa killing it in the 10 miler – she pulled off almost 7:14min/mi (4:30min/km) pace. Oh and she’s almost 51 years old. (Kathy, in black, is a teammate and ran Lisa in the last km)

Then there’s FG. Top female in the 10k – easily pulled off a sub-40 minute.

Here is a group of all of us who were there – I’m wearing sunglasses because it was sunny, but mostly because I didn’t want to scare people with my eyes.

Saturday night, Mike and I went out for dinner…I had never been to Wild Wings before so that’s where we went…soooo yummy. Perfect dinner to have the night before a long run, right? lol!

We had the SUPER hot BBQ + ranch sauce and the Mild BBQ + dill sauce. Both were mouth watering amazing!

Then we watched Spotlight…what a good and horrifying movie!

Sunday morning was by FAR the most beautiful day of 2016 here in Ottawa.

We did 21km at 8:09 min/mi (5:04 min/km) pace and enjoyed every minute of the blistering (hey, it’s Canada, it’s all relative!) heat! Again, while it was almost summer temps yesterday, we were often reminded visually that we’re not that far past winter…

Then I spent the rest of the day WELCOMING SPRING!

My car got a MUCH NEEDED bath. Like, seriously. That crap along the bottom is grease (from my annual rust proofing last fall) that doesn’t come off in a automated car wash…it only comes off with manual scrubbing and some cursing.

And then I raked up the backyard and got my patio set out…

While I enjoyed a beer…

Abby enjoyed a nap in the sun…

Happy Monday!


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