Abby the destroyer, classic birthday gift for me, and the “wuv” sent my way.

So yeah. I found this on the floor of one of the rooms in my house.

It USED to be a hanging folder in my filing cabinet. It (minus the metal rods, thank god) is now making its way through the digestive system of this furry brat:

This is where she was when I woke up this morning. Shockingly not with her head on my pillow and me smooshed on the opposite side of the bed!!

So just to finish up with my birthday talk…my brother sent this to me on Monday…I nearly died of love.

I WUV you too, Jackson and baby Jillian!!!

Monday night some of my teammates took me out for dinner to one of my favorite restaurants:

Ok, so not everyone was super photogenic that night…but what is really cool is that FIVE decades are in this picture!! In that pic are people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s!

AND, look what they got me!

How hilarious is that?? (I didn’t have the heart to tell them that Bacon and I are on a temporary split, so I just popped the package in the freezer).

Ok, and this is totally random, but I was having a conversation with an old friend, Tom, who lives in Australia…I’ve talked about him before – he’s a real life genius who lacks a complete set of social skills so sometimes the way he talks totally cracks me up. Like this:

Basically, he kinda wants to move to Asia for a new job, so he ditches his lovely girlfriend Cate (because that’s logical for geniuses bordering on robot) but then goes and buys a yacht. Ba-hahaha. Who just goes and buys a yacht??? Nobody in my regular circle!! lol

Ok, and then running…did 5 miles + strength training on Monday and yesterday, again, because I had to work in the evening, I had to do my track workout on the TM in the morning. Workout was:

Let’s just say…THANK GOD for Sons of Anarchy.

Happy Wednesday!!

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