I made it to 38, the Octopus, pigs are happy, and life with Abby.

So today I turn 38 years old. And you know what mother nature gave me as a gift?

Seriously. This is what I opened my door to this morning. April 11th. I saw this meme over the weekend…

I sure hope so. Because I’m done with winter running…and wearing 18 layers. Saturday morning’s long run (10 miles with the last 3 miles at tempo – 7:15min/mi, 4:33 min/km) was gorgeous…

…but let me clarify…the windchill was 0F/-17C. That’s just stupid in April. lol

On Saturday I really didn’t do much and yet was busy the whole day. Had afternoon tea with a neighbour (very civilized, no?) and then went over in the evening to another neighbour’s house for some other kind of drinks…I tried a new beer…which I LOVE.

It’s an IPA called Octopus Wants To Fight. I totally bought it for the packaging (plus I love IPAs) but the bonus was that I ended up really liking it, too!!

On Sunday I did 6 miles on the treadmill while watching Sons of Anarchy. This was the first run in a week where my heel didn’t bother me! Woohoo! Hopefully we keep that trend!

Then a friend took me out for an early birthday brunch…I had this:

I tried. I really did. But I’m still not ready to be with bacon again. Who am I???

And then there was just a whole bunch of Abby-love…

Yes, her paws are actually that giant.

Yes, two sticks in your mouth are better than one.

She allowed me the very end of the couch. The rest was hers. Little brat.

She makes a fun pattern in the snow when walking

My little shark eating some green apple

And then this…this was at 6am on Sunday when I HAD THE CHANCE TO SLEEP IN. But oh no, someone needed their breakfast like they hadn’t been fed in weeks. And trust, me, that snout is a weapon – pointy little weapon – when she wants your attention!

Happy Monday!!

21 thoughts on “I made it to 38, the Octopus, pigs are happy, and life with Abby.

  1. irtfyblog

    Happy Birthday!! Once again I feel bad for missing another post that WordPress FAILED to put in my reader. (sigh)… I’ll have to change the setting so I start getting emails for your posts so I don’t miss important information like this one!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope you had a great day!



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