The lazy hot dog and my entry into the 21st century.

You want to know what this is??

This is me at 5:30am on a Monday, in APRIL, bundled up like it’s February, BEGGING MY DOG to go for a walk. Seriously, WHAT DOG DOES THIS?? I was NOT impressed. She EVENTUALLY, SLOWLY, dragged her hot dog body to the door and we left on our walk.

What made up for it was the incredible sunrise we were treated to – well, I was treated to…I’m quite certain Abby paid no attention and was rather peeved when I kept stopping to take pics!

My workouts this week have been ok…if I’m being honest, my right heel is suddenly bothering me…but it’s like it’s bruised – no other symptoms of plantar facitis or achilles stuff…just my heel. You know, like if someone did a long run in running shoes that might have had over 900 miles on them already…

…you know, that kind of bruised heel pain that might happen. lol

So Monday I did 5 miles easy and then some strength – squats, clams, planks.

Tuesday I had to work late again so had to do my track workout on the TM in the morning. The workout was:

I like the workout…I just felt horrible doing it. My heel was bothering me and I just didn’t feel like my legs had it in them. The 400s were all 85-90s and I could barely keep a 6:18 pace for the mile. Oh well, I did the best I could…I’m moving on.

Of course, while I’m sweating my butt off, the hot dog in the house is…

Ok, so over the last few days I have entered the 21st century…FINALLY. Seriously.

On Saturday I got my internet upgraded to unlimited (let’s not even talk about what it was before) and yesterday, in the mail, 2 Blu-ray DVD players arrived and this non-techie girl over here managed to hook them into her wifi (I even had to figure out how to unhide my SSID!!!) and from now on I think you will find me either on my treadmill or on my couch, doing this:

For years I’ve been left out of conversations about the latest shows but not anymore!! lol (Please note the DVDs in the bottom right corner of the pic…yeah, that’s totally GOT right there! Some things will NEVER change!!!). Of course, did I watch anything on it last night? Nope…way too overwhelming!! lol!!

And I just want to share this…came across it on my phone last night…this was taken the day I brought her home…basically, that face has had me under its control from the beginning!

Happy Wednesday!

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