Winter is coming (or hasn’t gone), McDonald’s in my kitchen, Abby’s dealings with a puppy.

Seriously. This dog is STARVING 24/7. She would swear that me making her PAUSE to take this picture before she inhaled what was in her bowl would be cause enough to call the Humane Society. Just look at her eyes. They’re screaming, “ABUSE”, no?

Saturday morning the weather forecast was NOT good…but we got in a good 11 miles before the skies opened up and the temperature plummeted.

Basically after the run was done, winter returned and since then we’ve had  windchills during the day of -18C/0F. And some of the blame for this can be put on me. I had the audacity to act like it was spring and a) take down my front door’s winter wreath and put up the spring one AND b) take these down:

On Saturday I also (finally) bought a new pair of running shoes. Now, for my friend Earl, who I swear, buys a new pair of running shoes every week (he’ll vehemently deny this, but don’t believe him…just check out his twitter feed), what I am about to say will seem like a foreign language…and actually, probably will for many runners…The last new pair of running shoes I bought was last July…lol. I’m not even going to calculate how many miles I ran in them, but last year I ran over 1300 miles sooooo…yeah, let’s just say a lot.

I wore them today on my run and seriously, it took me a mile to figure out how to run normally (my gait was ALL OVER THE PLACE) in bouncy new shoes!! LOL!!!!

Ok, Saturday night I had my friend Mike over for dinner to do 2 very exciting things.

  1. I introduced him to Game of Thrones (seriously, how have some people not watched it yet??!!). We watched the first 3 episodes…and that birthed a new GOT addict.

2. We followed this recipe:

And while mine was certainly not pretty (I went crazy with the special sauce),

Mike and I both agreed (with such excitement) that it tasted EXACTLY like a Big Mac!! And yes, I even bought the plastic cheese to put in it!!! If you like a Big Mac, you NEED to try this recipe!!

Sunday morning was chores around the house and then I did some meal prep for the week including this new recipe for Sweet & Sour Chicken

OMG. If you like Sweet & Sour Chicken…you will love this.

Then, in the afternoon, I went over to my girlfriend Steph’s place because she got a new puppy (a miniature Schnoodle) and wanted it, Diego, to meet Abby. I thought this would be a great idea since Abby loves small dogs…except that I hadn’t realized that Abby is now at an age where she has NO interest in puppy play…

This doesn’t even BEGIN to capture what Diego was doing to Abby (basically flying leaps on her from all directions, biting her face, her tail, her ears). And I gotta tell you, Abby was clearly NOT impressed with Diego, but she held it together until the very end when she turned around and told Diego WHERE TO GO with one outburst of growls and a bark. It was hilarious. Then they paused briefly to have their photo taken.

Then when we got home, Abby, completely exhausted from dealing with Diego, resumed the position she had taken earlier in the morning:

Happy Monday!!


6 thoughts on “Winter is coming (or hasn’t gone), McDonald’s in my kitchen, Abby’s dealings with a puppy.

  1. irtfyblog

    Okay…you’re back in my reader…
    I’ll have to try that Big Mac recipe…
    You’re starving your dog. lol… okay…not really, but I just wanted to give you a hard time about it…
    I’m not much of a runner anymore, but even I know that new shoes are a staple for keeping your gait from going all bi-polar on you. (sheesh!) 😉
    Abby is adorable.
    glad you’re posts are back in my reader. I missed them. 🙂

    Now I have to go get my morning coffee. lol.



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