Dear Bacon, I’m just not ready…long weekend love and a whole lot of Abby cuteness.

I think I’ve exited from my chocolate Easter egg coma…why can’t every weekend be 4 days and full of chocolate??

(or red peppers if you’re Abby lol!!!)

Last I posted I was bemoaning the threat of snowmageddon that had been cast upon our city…well, there was a “geddon’, but it was of the ice variety! Friday morning arrived and the parking lot Abby and I often walk through during our walk was an absolute skating rink!

I really should have just worn skates…

After our “walk”, I hopped on the treadmill and did a 2 mile warm-up followed by 6 miles of tempo (7:30-7:18 pace, I think it was?) followed by some squats.

It’s amazing how much easier these workouts are when you know you don’t have to go work right afterwards but can instead spend the rest of the day on the couch…

And seriously, I did…I have a witness who can verify this…

Does anyone actually question why she essentially runs my house (and life)? Cuteness overload.

On Saturday I met up with the girls for a long run – 11 miles in gorgeous sunshine!

Winter is definitely on its way out – you can see open water on the canal!!!

Then there was some more of this…

I seriously can’t take how cute she is.

Sunday was probably one of the most beautiful days we’ve had here in months!

Ok, so I realize that, to those living south of me, that looks wintery cold, but trust me, it was heaven!! Buuuut, let’s be clear, I still ran my 6 miles inside on my treadmill! lol!!

I spent Sunday afternoon with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in a few months – just gabbing. And then that night I went to my parents for Easter dinner…we had ham…and with it, my mom revealed something she has been keeping from me.

Those are three types of mustard. That one closest to the bottom? Yeah, that’s BACON MUSTARD. Apparently she’s had it in her fridge for a while now…WHAT?? I still have not got a good explanation as to why I am only finding out about it now.

But can we talk about bacon here for a minute? Because, really, it’s been a while no? My posts used to be filled with my adventures with bacon…but it all changed after the infamous Bacon Flight in Alabama. Remember that? Yeah, that was 6 weeks ago. And I really haven’t had bacon or the desire for it since. I know, I know. I’m feeling lost…

On Monday I met a friend for lunch at a pub called Churchills – I had never been there for food (only beer – duh!) but he LOVES the food there, especially this:

It called to my inner bacon soul. I ordered it. But apparently it’s still too soon. Bacon and I still need time apart. I love you, bacon, but I need more time.

Yesterday, Tuesday, is team practice at the track but, because I had to work last night, I had to do the workout on my own on the treadmill.

Ew. I did the 1000m’s at 6:18 pace and the 200’s were all between 6:00-5:42 pace.

This morning I did 4 miles at an easy pace followed by some squats, clamshells, pushups and planking…lol – fill in the blank of what I’m thinking right here!

And then let’s end it with these…

Have I ever told you that Abby hates baths? She tells me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.And yes, there is a wiener dog tucked in there…

Happy Wednesday!!

5 thoughts on “Dear Bacon, I’m just not ready…long weekend love and a whole lot of Abby cuteness.

  1. irtfyblog

    Hey You! Nice post and looks like things are going well for ya!

    I do want to mention that for some reason your blog doesn’t show up in my reader anymore. I have to search for you on the internests so I can get my ‘Abby cuteness’ fix. lol. Hope all is well!!



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