THIS close to spring, Track practice at home, and Abby.

Crazy week. That eye infection? Yeah, turned out to be a severe allergic reaction to that spa treatment I had on Saturday…one I have had many times but have now developed an allergy to one of the ingredients and will not be be getting it again. Sigh. #firstworldproblems

Sooooo anyway…finally, today, my eyes are looking 70% back to normal. Just in time for the 4-day long Easter Weekend!! But first we have to survive this:

What?? Why??? We were SO close to winter being over!! Remember this?

And, less than 3 weeks later, this is what it looked like when I left for work this morning:

But apparently we have snow and ice pellets headed our way to change our landscape back to a winter wonderland!

Someone is excited about this!! Seriously, this made me laugh..why doesn’t she lick the snow off the end of her nose!!??

I didn’t make it out to track practice Tuesday night this week because my eyes were really bothering me and, since I normally have an allergic reaction at the track, I didn’t want to make my eyes any worse! So, I did the workout on my treadmill at home. To say it was pure hell would be an understatement.

For the first two sets I set the TM at 6min/mi pace (10.0 mph), for the second two sets I had it at a 5:42min/mi pace (10.5 mph) and for the last set I had it at a 5:21min/mi pace (11.5 mph). Seriously, it was demonic. But I loved it, too.

Am looking forward to some down time this weekend – with the exception of my track workout at home on Tuesday, I have been out every night this week and tonight is no exception. I’m hoping to get some good sleep/rest and training in this weekend!!

I’m sure I’ll have someone by my side to support me in the sleep/rest part!! God, I love that face!

Happy Easter Weekend!!!

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