A cheeseball, what knocked me off my feet, and something I was so happy to be able to celebrate!

What was supposed to be a fun filled weekend of rest and friends ended up not really being that way…

Friday  night I went to bed at 8:30pm and slept (with 3 interruptions for Abby) until almost 8am. It felt really good. I didn’t run Saturday morning because I had scheduled myself a spa treatment that morning – one that I really deserved. I spent the afternoon cleaning the house and making my appetizer for that night’s neighbourhood party.

My famous (and giant) cheeseball.

The party was a great success in terms of people who were able to make it out and the array of food…but I wasn’t feeling so good. Felt like I was coming down with something. And, to the shock and concern of my neighbours, I was the first to leave the party at 8pm. I had a very restless and horrible sleep with numerous wakes by Abby and each time I knew I was getting sicker and sicker. By Sunday morning I knew I had a cold and a horrible eye infection. And, as per usual, my friend Earl was ever so sympathetic:

LOL. I’ll get through this, but let me tell you, I feel like total crap right now. And last night I did something very selfish. I locked Abby in my bedroom with me and didn’t refill her water bowl…so that I was able to sleep the ENTIRE NIGHT. I felt horrible doing it, but I needed to.

The one AMAZING thing that happened this weekend was that my grandfather turned 96 years old on Saturday.

Yup, we’ve always been a wiener dog family!

When I phoned him he reminded me that last year when we had a big celebration for his 95th he had told us all that the next big celebration for him would be his 100th or his funeral…and while he still couldn’t believe that he was alive at 96, he was hoping for the 100th birthday party. I then had a quick chat with my grandmother – but she’s on 92…no big deal. lol

Happy Monday!

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