My green twin, a birthday princess and fuel for running fast!

Yesterday was St. Patty’s day and while during my high school and university days it was a reason to party with friends, in recent years, I can’t say that I’ve done much to recognize the day…until this year when my co-worker (and one of my closest friends) asked me to humor her for the day. Let me just also let you know that this girl will do almost ANYTHING to be able to wear a costume to work. lol.

We both own the same dress and while we normally coordinate not to wear it on the same day, we planned it yesterday – although the black shrug was by accident! lol Our patients thought it was hilarious and I’ll admit, it was pretty funny! Twinsies!!

Yesterday was also one of my teammates’ birthdays. She, Vanessa, turned 25. God, I don’t even remember my 25th birthday!! Anyway, I hosted a little birthday party at my house for her – pizza and beer.

One of the best things about planning a party for Vanessa is that she is OBSESSED (in a hilarious way) with Disney Princesses. (But what did people do before dollar stores???)

This cracked me up.

Yes, I’m drinking my beer out of a Disney Princess cup!

And then this…we had make your own sundaes for dessert. And this plate is FG’s. Please take note – eating pizza, beer and treat food obviously doesn’t make you slow. This is why FG and I are such good friends!

And then this was happening…(FG took this pic…she’s not the best photographer lol #blurry)

Abby had apparently conned them into letting her “rest” her head on the table. lol

Then it was FINALLY time for bed…

I swear, I have this SAME conversation with her EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. For the past almost 7 years. “Abby, this is MY side of the bed, you need to move over!”.

In my last post, I had hopes that we would be sleeping through the night however, no such luck. She’s back to waking me twice during the night. I am so excited it’s the weekend so I can sleep a little longer in the morning and not feel like …


Happy Friday!

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