Update Friday: Abby’s status and my dating life.

This is how it was when I woke up this morning…

Ba-hahahahaha. It has been a busy week for me and with the frequent waking during the night for Abby, I’ve been sleeping like a log…and so that’s how things like that can happen! lol

I have been out every night this week and tonight will be no exception. As I mentioned in my last post, Monday night was a board meeting for my hockey club and Tuesday was track practice. Wednesday was a different board meeting – one for my community association (somehow I was elected as co-VP) – and the most exciting part of that meeting was this:

Last night was a date. I have actually been on a number of dates recently…all first dates. I have not felt the desire to go on a second date with any of them. Mostly because I just wasn’t feeling the connection I need, but one of them got a special award: Worst First Date. Yeah, he’s a lucky one, eh? The date hadn’t been going all that well anyway, but then he said, and I quote, “Any one who belongs to organized religion is of lower intelligence…those of us who are atheist are so because we have the intelligence to be able to question the notion of some big guy up in the clouds and to say no to drinking the purple Jesus juice”.

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. I told him that I didn’t have time for, nor the desire to hang out with, judgmental people who can’t respect different opinions or beliefs and then I walked out.

Last night’s date was…ummm…I don’t know to be honest. Need time to think…which might be an indication in itself that it’s not good. Also, last night, as he walked me to my car, he said, “Well, I’ll just say that I think you’re beautiful and I would really like to see you again, but ball is in your court and I’ll just wait for you to call/text me”. It has been 10 hours and I have not messaged him (I was sleeping for 8 of those hours!!), yet he has already texted me twice.

lol. Sorry, that’s kind of mean, but how could I not use this Cersei GIF!? #GOT

Tonight I have a date with someone I met very briefly through a friend…he’s super sweet, interesting and very attractive but he is VERY artsy and let me tell you that that is basically my antonym. lol. So we’ll see.

Yesterday was Tempo Thursday…5 miles at 7:30-7:00 min per mile. The second I was done, this was happening:

Yesterday was also Abby’s first follow-up with her neurologist (seriously, I can’t believe my dog has a neurologist) post-discharge.

Just like for humans, you’re left waiting forever…let’s just note here that Abby has strategically placed herself in this location so that she (the lazy dog) can lie down but ALSO has a clear view of the waiting room so she doesn’t miss any of the action going on out there! lol

The vet did his neurological testing and gave us the all clear – her current dosage of meds has her clear of symptoms and we’ll see him again in 7 weeks. It took about 3 minutes. And I was charged $100.

lol. Ok, but whatever, this little creature is priceless to me…

Happy Friday!

12 thoughts on “Update Friday: Abby’s status and my dating life.

  1. irtfyblog

    awww…for both of you. You’ve been on more “first dates” in a week than I have been on in the past 8 years. LOL! I’m sorry these guys are so pathetically challenged. I think it’s in the air or the water or maybe just birth order, but whatever it is, people are nuts. Also, it has to be heartbreaking with Abby being in her condition. I hope for her and your sake’s that she gets back to her old self. give her a hug and lots of love. 🙂


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I know. I feel like I need to quit my job and date full time! hahaha!! People ARE nuts!! Now that Abby is acting and functioning like her normal self, it’s a lot easier…but I still get choked up if I think too much about it all…thanks, i will definitely do that!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just a Running Chick

    Abby is the best!

    Ugh, yes, I would have dumped that guy, too! I’m a Christian, and I don’t mind atheists at all (my ex was an atheist), but if a person is going to say something like that, then goodbye!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Exactly!! I don’t care what your beliefs are, in fact, I’m interested in learning about them and respecting them…I feel you become a better person that way…this guy clearly like having a small brain! Lol


  3. rundoodlerun

    And now I know why I haven’t had any interest in going on any dates since my divorce… At least you’re getting good stories out of them?? Dogs are definitely where it’s at 🙂 Glad to hear she’s coming around.



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