Abby’s meds are going to kill ME, summer running (well, almost) and glow in the dark playtime!

As I walked Abby on Friday night, the sunset was absolutely gorgeous…so warm on a cold winter evening.

Saturday morning was our last of winter hockey. We’re hoping to be out playing back on the turf on Thursday evenings mid-April but….

I have trouble imagining that! lol

Abby’s new meds, at their current dose, have the side effect of making her drink A TON of water which then means she needs to pee a lot more. Abby has always been so good about asking to go outside when she needs to pee, etc. And so this means that every night now, she wakes me at around midnight and then again at 3am, so I can let her outside. And let me tell you, this is not easy. I am a VERY deep sleeper.

She has to literally be pushing me with her paws for me to gain any kind of consciousness. She is sooo good to not want to go pee in the house but seriously, it’s killing me. I need 8 hours of solid sleep or I stop functioning. I feel like a walking zombie right now.

Before hockey on Saturday, I was texting with my friend Earl and telling him how rotten I felt AND looked, attaching this pic of the horrid bags that have taken up residence under my eyes.

And, the good friend that Earl is, suggested that all I need was a little make-up and even went so far as to suggest how I apply it…

You’re going to have nightmares tonight, aren’t you? lol

After hockey was a much needed visit to the hair salon to hide the greys…

Woohoo!! It’s like magic!! lol

The rest of Saturday was spent grocery shopping, cleaning the house and cooking – some for this week and others destined for the freezer. I did a shepherd’s pie:

Not much better than that for dinner in the winter!!

Then I made my very popular mushroom risotto…but forgot to take a pic until I had already portioned out a whole bunch…

It seriously is To Die For. TDF.

Sunday morning was just pure sunshine and not crazy cold temps so that meant a good long walk for Abby was in the cards…what I didn’t know was the she was going to INSIST that we go the way that didn’t already have a heavily trodden path.

At times, I was knee deep in snow. Abby on the other hand…

…was light enough to stay on top of the most recent crust and couldn’t figure out why I was so slow!! lol

Then it was time to get outside and run…while I knew it was much warmer than it has been outside, and I tried to dress appropriately, but my fear of being cold won and I totally overdressed and was sweating like crazy out there!

But it was SOOOOOOO nice. Blue sky, “warm” temps and the feeling that spring is coming…

I finished off Sunday with a round of indoor mini-putt…glow in the dark styles…

It’s nice to enjoy things like you’re an 8-year old!

Happy Monday!


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