My coolest (race) purchase ever, the mystery race gift and an Abby update.

Ok, I mentioned in a previous post that I had bought something REALLY cool at the expo in Birmingham, and I’m finally ready to “reveal” it…and I am so excited! I have wanted this for a while, but it’s made in the US so the shipping costs to here were ridiculous…and then I found it at a booth at the expo…and it was immediately mine. Voila!

Ahhhhhh!! Isn’t it awesome!!?? It has 50 hooks for each one of my State races, clips to hold all your bibs (I was shocked when I managed to find 13 out of the 14 states I’ve done!!) and each time you finish a state, you colour it in on the map!!

Ok, another thing from the race in Birmingham…when you finish, you get your medal and then each year they have a special finisher’s “gift”…when I unwrapped it, I seriously had NO CLUE what it was.

Do you??

I finally had to ask Carson (my awesome friend in Birmingham) what the hell it was. Wellllll, it’s a seat cover for when you’re sweaty gross from a run and need to drive back home and don’t want to get your car’s seat all disgusting! Neat idea…I wonder if I’ll actually use it…we’ll find out…in about 5 months when you actually get that kind of sweaty from a run outside! lol

After a month of inconsistent training due to racing, travel and Abby, I’m back on track this week. Did 5 easy miles on Monday and then had track practice with my team last night. The workout? Well, one of my teammates described it best, “A suffer-fest”. lol

The workout was 3 sets of 5x300m with a jog across the infield in between each 300m (sooo, like 20 seconds of moving rest – URGH) and 3 minutes between each set. The no real rest between 300s is the killer part!

There was a massive storm predicted to hit Ottawa last night so we were a small group of us…and yes, we made fun of FG for her model pose! lol But, in the end, she kicked all our asses in the workout so I think she actually has the last laugh!

The storm didn’t turn out to be as massive as predicted but we still got enough snow for me to have a solid workout shoveling this morning…this pile is completely out of control.

Abby update: Neurologist called on Monday…negative for the parasite. So it’s confirmed, my baby has the fatal auto-immune disease. I had a little cry. But now I’m just trying to focus on that fact that the meds have her bouncing around like normal and to enjoy every moment I have with her.

Some neighbours who live on another street, and who heard about Abby’s health trials, came over and brought her a treat yesterday…seriously, Abby thinks it’s heroine.

Happy Wednesday!

19 thoughts on “My coolest (race) purchase ever, the mystery race gift and an Abby update.

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Maybe the reason I’m so unfamiliar with these covers is because I usually can run from home…the few times I do have to drive (in the summer) I am disgusted by the sweat going into my seat!!! lol
      Thanks for the Abby wishes…#doxiesisters

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Chris

    1. I got nothing like that from them from running the full marathon several years ago (and the sizing on the shirt was off).
    2. Sorry to read about Abby but hopefully the meds work for a long time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Hmmm…it must be a new thing in the last few years because everyone was talking about past gifts!

      Thanks…yes, am hoping that since Abby is clearly unique (lol) that she’ll unique in this!! 🙂


  2. Fallon @ Slacker Runner

    That seat cover is kind of awesome. Well, so is the medal holder- what a neat idea. I am so sorry to hear the news about Abby, I was really hoping it would be the parasite. Hopefully the medicine will help her live happy for a long time.



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