When winter is fun for me, and a party for Abby – the polar dog.

Life is start to somewhat return to normal. Having been away in Phoenix, then two weeks later in Birmingham…and then the terrifying ordeal with Abby last week, my life (and house) was feeling like a jumbled mess. But, 18 loads of laundry later, a mega grocery shop and then meals cooked and frozen and my house scrubbed top to bottom and I’m feeling a little better ๐Ÿ™‚

If you remember, we had a 20 inches of snow land upon us 2 weeks ago which sent me and my dad up to the cottage last weekend to shovel its roof…

It was INSANE how much snow was on it. And, for the first time in 38 years, my dad and I had to give up after shoveling only one side of the cottage roof – we were exhausted because it was raining and snow weighed as much as cement. Although, I still had enough energy to do a cartwheel to celebrate having actually done that first side!

With freezing rain in the forecast, we headed up again this weekend to finish off the other side.

Hard to see, but the snow is almost up to my hip on the roof.

We have to shovel the roof off a few times each winter, but only sometimes, do we get so much snow (without a good melt in between), that the snow pile is as high as the roof!

And then, obviously, when the snow is that high, you JUMP OFF THE ROOF! Thank god my dad is willing to humor me. lol

On Saturday night, one of my neighbours hosted a “Welcome home, Abby” party!

Dogs were of course invited! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the best neighbours!!

Abby is doing awesome!!

Thanks to this pile of drugs! I’m hoping to hear today results from the pathologist…and then we’ll know what we’re treating and can cut down on some of these! For the first few days, she was also on an anti-nausea med which, and this is saying a lot for Abby, she HATED the taste of. So, the solution:

I’m surprised she hasn’t learned to “hate” every pill! lol

She is walking almost 100% normal and can go down stairs on her own, but is still waiting for me to carry her up stairs…PART of me wonders if that’s just pure laziness…I mean, this is Abby’s favorite position:

Seriously, though, watching her happy out in the snow makes me so happy.

Happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “When winter is fun for me, and a party for Abby – the polar dog.

  1. ultrarunner2014

    UNBELIEVABLE! The snow pics are crazy! I live in Alberta Canada and we have NO snow. So weird. I’m really glad Abby is feeling better. xo



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