I’m terrified. Please keep Abby in your prayers.

What started as a lame right hind leg last Thursday morning, rapidly became something much more concerning. Abby was admitted to the animal hospital yesterday. She can’t walk without tumbling over, her legs don’t seem to want to do what her brain tells them to do and she is holding her neck at a very awkward angle.

The vets in emerg yesterday (we were also there Friday night) were at a complete loss and admitted her so that she would be priority for the neurologist this morning. Blood work and x-rays that were done yesterday have come back normal. An MRI is likely next.  If you read my blog at all, you know that I love this little creature more than anything in the entire world and to say that I am falling apart right now is an understatement.

This is me and my little munchkin have cuddles before I decided I needed to take her back to emerg.

This is me and my little munchkin having cuddles before I decided I needed to take her back to emerg.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

27 thoughts on “I’m terrified. Please keep Abby in your prayers.

  1. CathyV

    Oh Jane! I am getting teary just reading this. Poor sweet little Abby. Poor you. I will definitely keep her and you in my thoughts and prayers. Sounds like she is getting the best and fastest care possible. Fingers crossed she will be back home and up to her usual antics soon. xo


  2. ultrarunner2014

    Thoughts and prayers abound!! Kind of looks like perhaps she had a mini stoke? (I work in the animal field)…the limp neck is not good. Please keep us posted. ❤


  3. Tai Fung (@tai_fung)

    I know I’ve posted here at least once before about my DoxiePin having his back issues before. Obviously I don’t know, but this could be spinal (which didn’t reveal itself until his MRI, so it’s good you’re having that done). He had surgery to repair it which wasn’t cheap, but he’s lived a very long life after he had it done (he’s coming up on 14 years now!). I know how frightening this must be for you, and wish you and Abby nothing but my absolute best. Hugs hugs hugs!


  4. rundoodlerun

    Oh sweetie I’m so sorry you’re going through this… Having just gone through hell with one of my pups, I know how nerve wracking it must be for you. Sending lots of good thoughts to you and Abby. I sincerely hope you receive good news, or at least actionable news.


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Thank you so much. These little furballs mean so much to us. I’m hoping to get the final diagnosis and treatment plan today AND be able to take her home. Once I do, I’ll do a full update!



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