The skills of fondant (I do not have), classic Canadianess, a reminder I’m not 23 anymore, and Abby DNA.

Friday night I went over to my friend Phil’s house to hang out and to help him decorate the cake he was making for his son’s 4th birthday. He wanted to make a Minion cake…using fondant…and neither of us have ever used fondant before.

OMG. Did we ever laugh while learning. And let’s be clear, we still have MUCH  to learn about the art of fondant but, for the expectations of a 4 year old, we were extremely successful! lol

I didn’t get home until late Friday night and after last weekend’s adventures and then trying to catch up at work all week, I skipped hockey Saturday morning so that I could sleep in. And feel absolutely no guilt about it. One of my teammates texted me after and said he wished he had made the same decision!

Saturday night I went over to one of my running teammate’s house as she was having some friends over for drinks, pizza and board games – and she asked that I bring my Cards Against Humanity.

For the first time I noticed that this is a “Canadian” Edition. The fact that I usually play this (ok, always play this) while drinking is probably the reason that I hadn’t noticed this before, but I jokingly said to some of my American friends, “I suppose there must be references to Poutine in my version!”

Hahahaha! Oh, us Canadians are so predictable!!!

The group of people I was with are all about 15 years younger than I am…and the night of board games quickly took a nose dive into a night of drinking games…

..I don’t know about you, but when I was their age, we played drinking games that involved dice, cards or quarters. These days it’s all about “Never have I ever” or games that require you to come up with complicated rules and then somehow remember them as the night goes on. The older you get and when you involve drinking, the less good you are at these games, I’m convinced! First of all, half the time when they’d say, “Never have I ever…” I couldn’t even remember far enough back to remember if I’d done that! lol And as for remembering rules…forget about it.

Soooo, I ended up taking Uber home at the end of the night and left my car at the party house. Sunday morning I woke up, wanting to die, got my running clothes on and headed out to meet up with some of my teammates. I would have just stayed in bed, but this was how I was going to get my car back – end my run at the Party House!! lol!  One of my teammates that I met up to run with hadn’t yet seen me in person with my black eye. To be honest, I was thinking it was barely noticeable now. This is what it looked like on Friday

Rather pretty, no? And I thought, come Sunday morning, that it had faded quite a bit. Well, by Gia’s reaction when she saw me (basically she totally freaked out lol), I guess I’m still looking a little rough. I snapped this after our (painful) 7 miles.

I went home, showered and still feeling like total crap (damn those youngsters and their drinking games!!), I did what I knew would help calm my stomach.

Oooooooooh, yeah, McDonald’s, baby!! And I lay on the couch all afternoon long…with my favorite little cuddle-bug

Of course, as soon as I get the fire going, she ditches me for it asap!

The breeder I got Abby from sent this to me last night…

It’s Abby!! Actually, it’s not – this is one of her dogs, Angel…but she and Abby both have the same father…certain genes run strong in this family, no??!!! lol

This will be another short week for me – I fly out Thursday morning to spend the weekend in Birmingham, Alabama where, Sunday morning, I hope to cross off State #14 from the list!!

Happy Monday!!

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