You need to see my new sweater, killer track = beer, and Abby needs your healing thoughts.

Can we first talk about my new sweater?

I’m wearing it to work today and my co-worker immediately said, “Nooooooooo, I got you that sweater in grey for your birthday!!!” lol

This week has been busy buuuuuuuut, today is my last day of work for the week – actually, I am off of work until NEXT Wednesday!!! Tomorrow will be spent packing and then Friday morning, 7am (gross), I’ll be flying to SUNNY SUNNY & WARM Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!! For a weekend of field hockey and little half marathon squeezed in there! I’ll land back in Ottawa Tuesday morning…probably feeling like my body got trampled on. Buuuuuuuut, I’ll have been wearing flip flops for 4 days so I won’t care!! lol

Monday’s workout was the usual – 5 miles, zone 1 heart rate. Followed up by strength work – squats, clams, TRX rows, pushups and plank work.

Last night was track practice. OMG. It nearly killed me.

4×400 (93s, 88s, 86s, 85s) at which point FG said, “we’re probably going to pay for this later on”

1x mile (6:27) – let’s just note here that I was the second fastest – but FG did hers in 5:50!

4×400 (88, 84, 84, 83). And that’s when I just about keeled over. Dead.

I got home, re-heated my leftover dinner of veggies + tofu peanut stir fry, sat on the couch and cracked a beer.

Ok. I had two. I just really needed it.

Abby had sympathy fatigue.

Speaking of Abby…she’s done something to her back. I don’t know what, but starting last night she wouldn’t climb stairs. She walks fine, but refuses to climb stairs or jump in general. Soooo, she’s on mandatory “cage rest”

I’m a bit worried because tomorrow night she’s going to the kennel until my parents pick her up Sunday night…but I think at the kennel she’ll be confined more which might be a good thing. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Happy Wednesday!!

10 thoughts on “You need to see my new sweater, killer track = beer, and Abby needs your healing thoughts.

  1. Chris

    My dog had some issues with arthritis near her tail that made her tentative around stairs and caused her tail to droop. She gets laser treatment every few weeks (along with glucosamine) and it is perfectly fine now.


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Interesting! I’ll check her tail out tonight. Buuuut, because wiener dogs are VERY prone to back problems I’m thinking that’s what it is – it’s happened before to her.



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