A progressive tapas party, my tragic allergy, and, How do you eat your spaghetti?

Friday night I had dinner at a friend’s house and didn’t intend to stay that late, but suddenly it was almost midnight and I have to be on the hockey pitch by 8am!! But I learned something about myself that night…my friend made me dinner and he served me a dish that had spaghetti noodles…and gave me a knife and fork. Anyone else think that’s weird? I took maybe 15 seconds trying to eat the noodles with those utensils before telling him I needed a spoon to twirl up my noodle in! Seriously – please tell me I’m not the only one!!

So Saturday morning’s 6am alarm came VERY quickly. And I stumbled through my walk with Abby…I hate it when I’m awake before the sun on the weekend!!

And managed to make it to hockey on time. Last game before we head to Phoenix next weekend for the tournament!!

The guy in the middle, wielding his stick like a baseball bat, is angry because he just had the ball taken off him…we all laughed. lolAfter hockey it was off to the hair salon for my regularly scheduled “cover up the grey” appointment and then I rushed home as one of my best friends from high school (I was a groomswomen in his wedding) and his wife were in town (they live about 5 hours from me).

I haven’t seen them in a few years, but there’s something about “those friends” where you can pick up right where you left off. It was soooooooooooo good to see them!

When they left, I had to quickly get ready for my evening social plans. As you may have noticed, I’m rather close to my neighbours…we regularly plan socials to which everyone on the street is invited. Our latest one was a Progressive Tapas Party. Anyone who was interested “signed up” and committed to opening up their house during the evening to serve an appetizer to those participating. I created the order in which we would visit the houses and, at 6pm, we started off at the first house and every 20-30 minutes we moved on to the next house (the host of the next house would usually leave the previous house 10 minutes earlier to do some final preparations).

I provided an assortment of cheese…including this Cheeseball that I made…

…and was thoroughly enjoyed…

This social was particularly exciting because we have a couple of houses on our street that are rented out to medical students (I live close to a hospital) and they NEVER participate in our parties…until this time! And at their house, in addition to an appetizer they had a shot for everyone!

Here is a good group shot of some of the people who participated…

…as we were getting our coats and boots on to leave this house and head to the final one on the tour, I couldn’t find my boots. When the last person had left, there was one pair of boots remaining…they were not mine…and were about 3 sizes too small for me! Then we realized that one of the women, who is notorious for drinking a little too much wine and then just going home (which is easy to do when it’s usually only 4 houses away!), was no longer present. So, after a few text exchanges, she showed up, in her pj’s…WITH MY BOOTS.

Sure…you can see how she made that mistake…I mean, they’re both, um, brown…and um, there are two of them…SIGH. lol

It was a great night but when I woke up the next morning I felt like hell. You see, I have this horrible affliction. I’m allergic to garlic (tragic, no?). I’m pretty good at avoiding foods that typically have a lot of garlic, but at potluck’s like this, sometimes I make a mistake….and clearly, I ate something on Saturday that had a TON of garlic.

One of the side effects I get is HORRIBLE heart burn. So these were my best friends yesterday.

Somehow I made it out for a run…but it wasn’t a true “long run”…we did 6 miles. My heartburn (and beer consumption) from the night before, combined with FG’s wine and beer consumption and Gia’s week long head cold made for 3 people who were completely satisfied with a 6 mile long run! lol

Buuuuut, the exciting part is that the canal is FINALLY open for skating!!!

With the very mild winter we’re having (so far…knock on wood), people have been fearing it wouldn’t open at all…that hasn’t happened since the early 70s!

And for your Abby fill…this was her yesterday on our walk in the morning…

Happy Monday!!

11 thoughts on “A progressive tapas party, my tragic allergy, and, How do you eat your spaghetti?

  1. Jeremy (aka @SpartanSailor)

    I LOVE that y’all have canal to ice skate along!! Always jealous of that. In fact, it’s worth a trip just to skate it.

    I was raised to eat spaghetti with a spoon. I see more people using a knife, but not me. I suppose I could, but why?

    But the boots… Awesome. I mean, as you say, they are both brown. Lol


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      “Y’all have a canal”? lol You crack me up. But yes, you’re right, we are lucky!! And since you like the cold, you should definitely plan to come in the winter when the canal is open!! You’d love it!!
      As for the use of the knife with spaghetti…it just boggles my mind!! lol



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