Car dancing, Abby lazy-ing & hogging, and a lil’ running!

Is it ridiculous that I get excited and start dancing every time this song comes on the radio??

We’ve had some gorgeous mornings here the last few days…not crack your face off cold and some actual sun!!

Tricks me into thinking that winter is almost done…but the I remind myself that it’s only January…and the snow will likely  still be here at the beginning of May. lol

Abby was driving me CRAZY on our walk this morning. Taking her SWEET TIME sniffing, I swear, every snowflake. Then she found a cardboard box and I was THRILLED with our new walking speed!!

Yesterday was Tempo Thursday. I did a 2 mile warm-up and then did 5 miles between 7:30-7:03 min/mi (4:40-4:23 min/km). It was tough – heart rate was in the top end of Zone 3.

This morning was an easy 4 miles followed by some strength training…

Squats…my legs were tired today so I only did 3 sets of 8 reps, rather than the 10 reps. Just felt that pushing it was risking losing form and injuring myself.

Then I did my clamshells, push-ups and plank…and I also threw in some rows – figured it was time that I actually balanced out my strength training program with some back work.

So Abby eats a heaping bowl of veggies twice a day (in addition to her regular dog food)…and it always cracks me up how she sits down to eat her veggies!!

This was her on the couch next to me last night…

And then on me…

And in case you’ve ever wondered how a wiener dog can be such a bed hog when they aren’t that big of a dog…

And of course, that’s MY side of the bed and yet pretty much every morning I wake up on the other side wondering how the hell I got over there…until I see this long lump next to me!

Happy Friday!!

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