Abby, Abby, running, and more Abby!

That long run on Sunday through the “feels like sand” snow really took it out of me and when I woke Monday morning I felt physically very tired. But, after a beautiful, but crispy, walk with Abby I felt more energized and was able to easily get my 5 miles in on the TM…

IMG_1709…it also helped that the episode of GOT I was watching was the one with the Wild Fire!

Then it was strength work…squats, clams, pushups and planking.

Yesterday, when I came up to my bedroom from the basement after doing my workout, I found Abby like this:

90 minutes later, as I was leaving for work, this is how far she had moved. lol

But then give her a cereal box and all hell breaks loose!! She makes me laugh so much!!

Last night was track practice. The workout:

3x400m (60s rest), 1x1200m (3min rest), 3x400m (60s rest)

It was a great workout.

First 400s I did 92s, 88s, 87s

On the 1200 I did 4:39

Last 400s I did 85, 86, 81

Not too shabby. Helps when you have such an amazing group of talented and supportive speedsters to do your workout with!

Of course, my allergies, as per usual, flared up like crazy and I went home and relaxed with a box of kleenex and my furball.

Which then continued all night apparently…as this is how I woke up this morning!

It’s ridiculous, no??

Happy Wednesday!

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