Weekend o’ hockey, Abby cuddles, running, Abby cuddles, the fox, and fighting my inner pack rat!

Saturday morning brought another great hour of hockey!

I scored two goals and had two assists…I think I threw my opponents off by being on pretty much EVERY inch of the turf!! lolIMG_1634Was supposed to hang out with BSM this weekend but he came down with a cold…and, under normal circumstances, I like to stay clear of people with colds…but add in the fact that I’m traveling to Phoenix in 2 weeks for a field hockey tourney and half marathon…yeah, sick people can STAY FAR AWAY from me.

So with my new found free time, I decided to continue tackling my office…I’m trying to do a major clean out of it…at quick glance it looks tidy…but when you find things like these:

…You know it’s time to clean it out. lol!! Part of the problem is that I sit on a number of committees (President of my neighbourhood’s association, VP of the larger community association, Treasurer of my field hockey club) and have inherited documents that need to be kept. SIGH. So I boxed up the (really old) documents that can be kept in the depths of my basement and until they can be passed on to my successors…

The other part of the problem is that when I comes to my notes from university, I’m a pack rat. Look at them!! They’re so pretty!!

But a) I’m pretty sure I will never have to know about mononuclear phagocytes ever again (in fact I probably could have made it this far without EVER knowing about them lol) and b) these notes were taken over 15 years ago – there has to be NEW INFORMATION!! lol

Saturday night I let Abby outside and 3 seconds later, all hell broke lose. A fox walked past my backyard (on the other side of the fence) – it was about 6 feet from Abby and Abby lost her sh*t. I unfortunately didn’t have my camera on me at that time and by the time I got it, the fox had made a beeline for the mountain of snow.

It did NOT want to take on this ferocious wiener dog.

Abby spent the next hour “guarding” the backyard, letting out growls every now and then. Probably every time a snowflake fell. lol

The next morning, she was still in guard mode and I found her having a serious staredown with a squirrel in the neighbour’s tree. A SQUIRREL. Sigh.

We got some fresh snow overnight on Saturday which made for a beautiful walk through the Enchanted Forest out back on Sunday morning.

Then I went off to run and Abby, well…you know.

The temperature was great yesterday (-12C/14F) with very little wind. But the snow was heavy underfoot.

We did 12 miles…and by the end, my legs were DEAD.

In fact, my whole body was dead and I did something that is very unusual for me. I took a nap. Not alone, of course!

When I (finally) woke up I ran a few errands and did some food prep for the week…including chopping vegetables, which always results in my having a furry foot blanket…

…hoping to catch some pieces that might fall…

We finished off the day with some more cuddling.

Happy Monday!!

8 thoughts on “Weekend o’ hockey, Abby cuddles, running, Abby cuddles, the fox, and fighting my inner pack rat!

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    Because I move school locations so often, all of my school files are scattered in my office. One day I will be at ONE school for YEARS where I can be like any other teacher and hoard all my stuff at school. I did get rid of lots of my university notes, but I still have a number of them.


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      OMG. I can’t even imagine…I would be keeping ALL my notes from teaching never knowing when I MIGHT need them again!! lol
      I did get rid of quite a few university notes…but it was SO HARD…and I still have more to throw out…but not today…lol


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I have been saying for years that I needed to clean out this room, but that was the problem, it was such a massive undertaking that I NEVER had time for. So now I’ve broken it up – filing cabinet, bookcase, desk, closet, etc – all of those are to be done on different days so that task isn’t so daunting!!!! Good luck!! lol


  2. rundoodlerun

    Oh my gosh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hordes college notes!! I actually just tossed mine when I moved this fall… It caused me a great deal of inner turmoil to do so, but I have nowhere to store them in my new place!



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