Vacay, massage torture fun, & cool coffee tables…oh, and chocolate.

Wow. Late post today. The reason? I took a self-care day. A solo vacation day. For no reason other than I wanted to sleep in, get a massage and get some other stuff done I never seem to have time for!

It has been glorious. I didn’t have to set an alarm and I slept in and, perhaps most surprising of all, Abby slept in, until 8am!! We had a relaxing breakfast and walk and then I did my workout.

Does anyone else create a training schedule, print it out and put it on the fridge? I get such motivation from seeing it – workouts and races all laid out – as well as crossing off each day as I crush the workout (or the workout crushes me lol).

Anyway, I did 5 easy miles…easy meaning it was in my Zone 1 heart rate…it’s still not a walk in the park. lol But if feels good.Then it was strength training (which I do twice a week).

Squats…am up to 3 sets of 10 with my new weight of 115lbs. I can’t wait until I can up this weight. But since I don’t have a spotter (Abby has her limits), I need to be VERY confident in the weight before I try it.

Seriously, taking these pics helps – it makes me aware of my form.

Did some clamshells…god they hurt. Some pushups and then some planking with extensions of alternating arms and legs. I hold each for a specific amount of time and then switch arms and legs and do the same amount of time.

Then I went out for lunch with my friend, Vic, who I hadn’t seen in a couple of months. We both like to eat. And we both like to eat Indian food. We had both heard of this really great restaurant called Coconut Lagoon but neither of us had been…so that is where we went. And we were NOT disappointed and basically rolled ourselves out of there.

Then it was on to my massage. Remember? Day of self-care. Exceeeeeept, if you’re a runner, massages are never relaxing. And my guy, Brian, knows I like him to get into my muscles…even if it makes me sweat. An hour later, some tears shed, and my glutes, ITB  and calves are loosey goosey!

Here in Ontario, the cities dump A LOT of salt on the roads in the winter to deal with icy roads…yeah, all fine and dandy for safety but it causes your car to RUST like crazy. Sooooo, many people get their car rust proofed every year. Nothing is perfect, but this comes pretty darn close. But I had been tardy getting mine done this year…but not anymore!

The place I go has free wifi and the most awesome “coffee table” lol

For xmas, in my stocking, I got this:

With a note that said, “Hint, hint…when I am at your house to look after Abby, I would be happy to taste test these!”

So, since my mom has so kindly agreed to regularly do Abby duty on Tuesdays so I can get to track practice, I cracked open the book tonigh…fyi, they are not all chocolate chip cookies…whaaaaat? Why name the book that?? Aaaaaanyway, I chose: Peanut butter & chocolate chip squares.

They smell sooooooooooooooo good!! And I have to keep some until Tuesday?? I did not plan this well.

This was me and Abby last night. God, I love her.

But I get the feeling she prefers when I’m not cramping her space lol

Have a great weekend!!!

5 thoughts on “Vacay, massage torture fun, & cool coffee tables…oh, and chocolate.

  1. flynnroad

    I don’t look at a training schedule. I don’t really follow a training plan. But, I do like to look at my past workouts, see what I have done and as my training week progresses, I start to formulate goals for where I hope I will end up. Weird, ‘eh?

    I love days like you had today. I call them spa days! 🙂



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