Track Tuesday with FG and my fiery lungs, Abby love, and bacon for dessert!

I am lucky to have my mom…she has agreed to do Abby duty (feed her and walk her and spend some quality time with her) every Tuesday night so that I can leave straight from work and get to track practice!! How nice is that? Although, really, who doesn’t want to cuddle with this?

But let’s go back to Monday…remember how it rained all weekend long? Yeah, well, we entered back into negative Antarctica Sunday night and woke up to a winter wonderful land of ice…

…with a slight dusting of snow just to slip up those not paying close attention at all times! Abby and I did our walk and then she went back to bed

And I hopped on the treadmill for an easy 5 miles and a strength workout – squats, clamshells, pushups and some core work using the TRX

At work on Monday I served up some of my baking magic from the weekend to my coworkers…

…yeah, that would be vanilla ice cream with bits of Bacon Brittle. My co-workers make fun of my bacon obsession…but I didn’t see anyone turning down this treat!! lol

So yesterday was my first track practice since…well, a long time. The workout, on paper, didn’t seem too bad: 5k warm-up, 2x400m, 2x800m, x400m, on 90 seconds recovery. And at “10k pace”. But let’s be clear, we NEVER run it at the pace he tells us. It’s always more like our 3k pace!

This is the group of kick-ass speedy ladies on my team who were there last night. FG, on the far left, led us. And we followed. Stupidly.

My first 400 was in 86 seconds. Yeah, first one of the season. And next one? 83. I was DYING. And my 800s showed it: 3:08, 3:05 and then I finished my last 400s in 86 and 85 seconds. My lungs felt like blow torches.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Remember, Jane, you are ALLERGIC to the track. Yup, as soon as the workout was done, I was sneezing, coughing and my nose was a tap of grossness!! Today this is my BFF:

But you know what else? I LOVE track workouts. And they work…you practice running fast and guess what? You run faster! lol

This was me and Abby, this morning, having a great romp in the fresh snow!

Happy Wednesday!!

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