Winter weather insanity, dancing Abby, and another great way to eat bacon!

Weekend is over and while the weekend was fun and relaxing, I woke up in the wee hours this morning after having a bad dream…a ridiculous one, but bad nonetheless. And now I’m feeling like this

And also feeling like the smallest thing will set me off. I feel bad for those I work with. lol

Friday night was this…

…snuggles with my fur-ball.

Saturday morning brought this weather:

…and Abby had so much fun on our EARLY morning walk!

It’s like she’s dancing!

Then it was onto field hockey…but it was so fast paced and fun that I didn’t even have a chance to take a pic! The best part was when I pulled a sweet move and took the ball off one of the best players in the club. He was VERY frustrated and said, “Oh, yeah, well you caught me when I was trying something new and so was going slow”. You know what happened 4 seconds after he said that? I scored. Ball went straight past him and into the net. To say my team (and his team) roared with laughter is an understatement! lol

Saturday afternoon I did grocery shopping and some food prep for the week…including trying this new recipe: Cold Tortellini & Artichoke Salad – and I made my own homemade creamy Italian dressing. It is delicious.

Sunday morning the weather just became ridiculous. Just above freezing and POURING rain. I met one of my teammates for a long run…

But SOMEONE wasn’t thinking when they got dressed and was NOT happy…well, except maybe when we played in the puddles.

She lasted less than 6 miles before she needed to go home to avoid dying of exposure. I got in a solid 10 miles. But let me tell you, I have not been that wet after a run since…well, since the monsoons of Atlanta (see post). I immediately hopped in a very hot shower!

It continued to rain ALL DAY yesterday so, I stayed inside and did some fun baking!

I fried up a package of bacon…

Heated up some sugar…

Added the bacon and some vanilla to it and poured it out…

And once it had cooled, then VOILA,

Bacon Brittle!!! Want to know what it tastes like? The inside of a Crunchie bar (basically honeycomb toffee that melts in your mouth) with pieces of crispy bacon dispersed through it…it’s TDF. To die for. I’m going to buy some vanilla ice cream and add bits of the brittle to it!

Happy Monday!!

9 thoughts on “Winter weather insanity, dancing Abby, and another great way to eat bacon!

  1. Hollie

    I used to live and work in Upstate NY and winter weather is not something I miss anymore. Honestly, now that I reside in NJ, I’m such a baby and I don’t know if I would last a winter up your way!



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