North Pole one day, Bahamas the next, and a fav recipe!

Yesterday morning we woke up to North Pole hell again. When the alarm went off, Abby didn’t even want to get out from underneath the covers. I fed her breakfast and the minute she was done she literally ran upstairs and went back to bed.

Like seriously. Wouldn’t even go outside to pee. And she doesn’t have a weather app, she just KNEW it was inhumane outside. So I just got into my running clothes and headed down to the basement early for my tempo workout.

The plan was 2 mile warm-up followed by 5 miles at tempo. Yeah, similar to Abby, my body just refused. As I started the tempo portion, my heart rate was fine, but every other part of my body said it just couldn’t function at that intensity at that moment.

Yeah, I totally don’t believe in that above statement. I believe that if your body says no, figure out WHY it’s saying no. Then decide what to do. For me, I knew my body was telling me to pull back. To ignore that would be to risk injury and have more days with my body saying no.

So for the 5 miles that were supposed to be tempo, I just slowly increased the pace every mile so that, by the end, I ran the last mile at my tempo pace. Yeah, sure, wasn’t the workout that I had planned, but it was a quality workout nonetheless and I felt awesome afterwards.

By the time I got home from work last night, the temps had warmed up to an awesome -18C/0F and Abby was happy to get outside…

…and roll around in the snow. I don’t know why this is fun, but she seems to think it is! As I said, she’s a polar dog at heart.

One of my favorite recipes is this Spaghetti & Meatballs. I made it for BSM on the weekend and now he thinks I’m a genius in the kitchen. lol. I’m really not. But it is a really good meal. And it makes a large quantity so I froze the leftovers and had some last night! (note the longing eyes in the bottom right corner)

This morning we woke up to beauty…

…AND HEAT!! It was -12C/10F!!! Seriously, our morning walk was amazing!! Yes, Miss Abby happily went outside this morning…

…and yes, she ate that entire stick. Do you like her little booties? She DESPISES them (EVERY single brand/style I have tried). But without them, because of the salt on the roads, she ends up limping and making me carry her home. So booties, it is!

Some people that live on one of the streets Abby and I walk down in the mornings are from Barbados and this is on their front lawn…I can imagine they had a tough time the last few days…

One last pic of Jackson and some more of the superhero paraphernalia I got him for Christmas.

This was obviously taken PRE-haircut. lol

Happy Wednesday!!

2 thoughts on “North Pole one day, Bahamas the next, and a fav recipe!

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Well normally, I’m good for my tempo runs…and yesterday was my body saying, ease back into things please, after the holidays!! But that’s what I did yesterday – a progressive tempo run. Although at the time I didn’t know that’s how it was going to end up – each mile I was like, “Hm, I can up this a bit” lol



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