A guarantee you will laugh when you see Abby (the Yeti) and my first win of 2016!

I got back to Ottawa last Friday evening and because of it being the holidays I didn’t have hockey Saturday morning which meant I could join my teammates for our regular Saturday morning long run. All of us were feeling sluggish from the Christmas celebrations but we, of course, blamed it ENTIRELY on the terrain!

The temps on Saturday were perfect – just hovering around freezing. We did 10 miles.

With the temps being where they were, it meant that all that snow we got – here is a pic of my front yard (with a shoe for perspective lol):

was EXCELLENT snowman making material…or snowball-Abby making material. Seriously, it has never been this awesome (bad) and I have never laughed so hard. If you can’t view the video below, at least the pics will give you some giggles.

She seriously LOVES the snow!Just keeps running and running through it……until she can’t…literally…lol…look at the look in her eyes!! “Um, what the…why can’t I move anymore…MOM, help me!!!!”

Then, when she gets out onto pavement, she stops dead in her tracks. And I have to carry her home. To be fair, those snowballs are all pulling on her fur so it doesn’t feel good. But really, she looks like a Yeti, no?

Yesterday morning saw my training routine resume with a 5 mile run followed by strength training…BUT, this time I increased by squat weight from 100lbs to 115lbs – WOOHOO! I did 3 sets of 8 reps at that weight and it felt awesome! A good start to 2016!

Yesterday, we woke up to FRIGID temps. 10 days earlier it was 61F (17C)…yesterday, when I went to walk Abby, it was -29C (-20C) with the windchill. Abby flat out refused to go more than 6 houses down the street. And about 30s after we got back inside, this was her:

I really don’t blame her…but she’s a polar dog, and my days of shortened frigid walks are numbered – she’ll acclimatize soon enough!

I’ll finish today’s post with a pic of Jackson showing off one of the Christmas gifts I gave him.

I just love him!

Happy Tuesday!

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