The last of 2015 saw me: eat (more) bacon, beat storms and fight off bad guys alongside Batman!

Happy New Year!!! And Merry Christmas since I haven’t posted in 2 weeks!! Haven’t been in front of a computer in almost 2 weeks and it has been BLISSFUL.

Celebrated a nice quiet Christmas morning with my parents – we were at their house, but I cooked the Christmas lunch. Then, in the evening, we went over to old family friends for dinner…and feasted like kings.

Or maybe cavemen…lolThen I basically spent the next 2 days with BSM…Abby has really taken to him…this was at his house when he left, for 3 seconds, to get something from his car…she was quite concerned!

I was planning on having a very relaxing Monday, December 28th, and then, the following day, heading down to southern Ontario to spend the rest of the week with my brother and his family. I got up, made myself some hot chocolate, sat down on the couch, opened up the newspaper and the first article I read is this:

And instantly, this became me

As I frantically started running around my house and throwing things in my car so that I could get on the road and make the 5 hour drive to my brother’s place before the storm (which was freezing rain for them) hit there!

And while it was NOT the relaxing day I had planned, it was by far the right thing to do. The weather turned VERY sour just as I arrived at my destination and very soon after, and for the next 24 hours, Armageddon struck Ottawa.

Abby and I spent the rest of the week at my brother’s house with his wife, son (Jackson – age 4) and daughter (Jillian – age 8 months). And, as per usual, Jackson and I fought off bad guys

(you should have seen the look on his face when I pulled these tights out and told him that I was actually Wonder Woman!!)

And played our “selfie-game”…endlessly

And I spent some quality time with Jillian…

We relaxed at their place, watched movies, played with the kids…got Jackson’s hair cut

He’s still not ENTIRELY sure about this whole hair cutting idea…lol

We went to the local Mennonite market which I LOVE – although I learned I like it better in the summer! lol

Bought some yummy food while there

And snuck in to see some livestock auctions

And I convinced them (it took 0.3 seconds) to go to McDonald’s for lunch on one of the days (it’s not really a secret why I’m the favorite aunt, right?!)

LOL. It was National Bacon Day…somewhere…I think…right?? That’s how I live my life.

Meanwhile, this was happening at home in Ottawa:

LOL. Suckers.

The other exciting part of my trip was meeting some tweeps!! Two mornings in a row I joined up with Terry and Michelle, who I have met through Twitter, and they took me around their city on 7 miles runs.

And then maybe the funniest tweep (almost) interaction was after shopping at Sobey’s with my brother and Jackson

I got this tweet:

How cool is that?? Tom felt a little awkward approaching me (I promise, I don’t bite) so I didn’t get to actually MEET him, but still fun nonetheless!!

I spent New Years Eve with my brother and his family and my goal, as it has been for the last few years, is to be asleep BEFORE midnight – I want to start off each new year off fresh! My brother made a lot of fun of me for this – suggesting I was old and lame. So, when at 9:23 I heard snoring on the couch next to me while we were watching a movie, I, being the mature older sister, took FULL advantage.

I then texted that pic to him, which woke him up. He did not find it creative or funny. I, however, was in hysterics, as was his wife.

As for Abby, she did NOT handle this trip well. It was just too much change for her. While she is a cuddly dog, she is VERY independent but, for 5 days last week, she was STUCK TO ME LIKE GLUE.

She even needed to be in the bathroom with me.

When we got into the car to come home on January 1st, she immediately fell asleep and was like this for the ENTIRE ride home

And then transferred here once we got home and, no joke, slept for the next 36 hours.

My poor little munchkin.

2015 was quite a year for me – strong racing, excellent travels and meeting amazing people, ridiculous dating and lots of laughs. I wish for 2016 to be the same – minus the MDH’s of the world, please! 🙂

10 thoughts on “The last of 2015 saw me: eat (more) bacon, beat storms and fight off bad guys alongside Batman!

      1. flynnroad

        I do my best to be entertaining 🙂

        It’s probably for the best you don’t be my Garmin buddy. Your workouts would probably hurt my self esteem. Lol


  1. Jeremy (aka @SpartanSailor)

    Jackson’s selfie game is strong.

    So, there’s a sign that says “add bacon” and that is all. It’s at a shopping Center I drive past occasionally. It’s fairly random and makes me think of you… Looks like a great trip.


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Ba-hahahaha!! I love it!! I love the fact that sign is there and that it makes you think of me!!! It was a great trip…but I’m also kind of glad to be at work today lol!!



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