Snow, bacon, BSM and a little more bacon!

So, my wish came true! I woke up Saturday morning to this:

A little bit of a winter wonderland! Which meant this tree looked much more appropriate!

And that this was a must after our walk during which she rolled NUMEROUS time around in the (dusting of) snow!

Off to field hockey I then went…

The guy about to try and block that shot is almost 70 years old, played for Team Canada in the 1976 Olympics…and can still take the ball off pretty much anyone of us. It’s impressive…and REALLY annoying when he’s not on your team! We’re hoping we can convince him to come to Phoenix with us!

After hockey we went out for breakfast…I had bacon…and I was too hungry to stop and take a picture! lol

Saturday night I spent with BSM…at one point I was in the kitchen and overheard him saying this to Abby: “You know Abby, you have won my heart…you are just about the sweetest thing…” and when I walked back in the room I find them completely cuddled up together on the couch. My heart totally melted. Kinda the total opposite from MDH, no?

Sunday morning my right hip was bugging me so I chose to do my long run on the TM in case I needed to bail. 10 miles later and the TM’s belt was nice and warm for me and Abby to have a little cuddle on it!

Sunday afternoon I met up with my friend Jane – haven’t seen her since our Beer Run back in September so we had lots to catch up on! Two Janes are always better than one! 🙂

Then last night, to cap off a great weekend, BSM took me out for a fantastic steak dinner!

Steak on its own is amazing. But wrapped in bacon with a lil’ blue cheese and a side of mashed potatoes and veggies? Good lord. Life is good.

This made me laugh!

Happy Monday!! (less than 3 days of work left!!)

9 thoughts on “Snow, bacon, BSM and a little more bacon!

  1. G

    How can you not love her though! Before I forget, have a great Christmas! Eat plenty of bacon! Well jealous you have snow in time for Christmas. Here in the UK, it’s the warmest December ever I think, currently at 14c ! Crazy weather! Have a good one🍻🎄



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