Drum roll…my next state is booked! Racing and hockey-ing!

I really thought that in 2016 I was going to get (only) 2 states crossed off and with Birmingham, Alabama in February and Cincinnati, Ohio in May all booked, I wasn’t even looking at other states for now.

But then one of the guys from my field hockey team called me up. Wanted me to come to Phoenix with some of the other guys for a hockey tournament. In January. I told them that the only way I would do that is if I could fit in a half marathon that weekend while there…thinking, there’s no way I’ll be THAT lucky (or unlucky if you’re my bank account!).

A 0.86s google search revealed:

Sooooo, my flights are booked (and let me tell you, flights between Ottawa and Phoenix are just cruel. Just considered yourself warned that I’m going to be complaining about my travel when the time comes!! LOL!!) My hotel is booked, I’m registered for the race (instead of a race shirt, they’re giving out race jackets!!!) and I’m thinking I’m pretty much insane.

I’m going to be playing in a tournament all day Saturday, racing (I use that verb loosely) a half Sunday morning and then going straight back to the turf to play more hockey. I won’t be walking come Monday. But I’ll have one more state crossed off my list!! WOOHOO!!

Yesterday morning, 5am, Abby and I are up, eating breakfast together…then we go for our 40 minute walk together. That’s when the “doing things together” part ended. In a serious way. I went an did my tempo run and then showered and got ready for work. This is what Abby did during that time…

You can’t help but love her, right?

Happy Wednesday!!


5 thoughts on “Drum roll…my next state is booked! Racing and hockey-ing!

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I am really looking forward to it, but know that at the same time I won’t have all that much time to actually see Phoenix!! But the temps will be better than here in Ottawa, that’s (hopefully!!) a guarantee!!

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