The most epic bacon experience EVER, wiener dog PUPPY love-fest and winning me over with chocolate!

Good lord. I need a vacation after the awesome, but jam-packed, weekend I just had!!

Saturday morning was field hockey…during the winter we play inside a dome

but with the TOTAL lack of winter, it felt like we should actually be playing out on the grass still!

So I played right wing on Saturday…

…lol, can’t you tell? Yeah, apparently I didn’t exactly stay in position much! We didn’t even switch ends. lol

After hockey I went to a MUCH needed hair appointment to a) cover up all the grey (sigh!!) and b) to chop off over 5 inches!!

I LOVE it! Still a bit shocked about the length, but in a good way!!

Then I had drinks with a friend of mine, Ashley, who I used to work with. We now only see each other every 6 months or so, so these get togethers are POWER gossip sessions on our lives!!

Then it was home to start prepping the MOST EPIC BACON APPETIZER TO EVER BE. I have to give credit to my friend Jen K who sent around this recipe to her bacon loving friends.

You take cheese strings and you freeze them

Then you wrap them in bacon (2 slices per cheese string!)

Then you fry ’em up! (my house STILL smells like bacon!) so that they bacon is crispy and the cheese inside is gooey goodness!

And then you bring them to your party with a side dish of ranch dressing sauce but I have ONE important tip for you…

Make sure you grab one to taste yourself before you put them out for others…because these were gone in minutes!!! And people were losing their minds. lol

The party I brought these to was my annual street party – I seriously have the best neighbours. But let me tell you, every year, without fail, there is too much wine consumed…this year, I couldn’t even make it out for my long run on Sunday!! And Abby obviously sense my need and actually let me snooze in bed until 10am!!!

I finally got up and moving and headed out to a town about an hour from my house. It’s where Abby’s mom lives! I have remained close with the breeder and every time she has a new litter (not from Abby’s mom – she has long since retired from that lol), I get to go out and play with…

…a pile o’ wiener puppies!! OMG, aren’t you just dying?? This is actually the only time they were still long enough to take a proper picture!!

And then I spent some quality time with the adults she has in the house…normally they aren’t interested in outsiders who come into the home (as they are truly a pack – so much so that I usually don’t bring Abby out with me when I visit because there would be a huge dog fight), but the breeder says it’s like they know how much I love them and as soon as I come into their space, they are all over me!

And then I had some one on one time with Abby’s mom, Velvet, who is 9 years old and just as much of a character as Abby is!

After the puppy love fest, I headed home, picked up Abby, dropped her off at my parents’ place so she wouldn’t be alone anymore, and headed over to BSM’s house…he cooked me a steak dinner…bbq in December is like the biggest treat ever!! And, knowing that I’m not a huge dessert fan, except for pure chocolate….he got me chocolate for dessert…but didn’t know which kind I like best (he does now! lol) so he covered all the bases! This man is not dumb. lol

Happy Monday!!

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