A new dining experience with different etiquette, downtown sights and Abby’s activity review.

Last night I experienced a new type of cuisine – Ethiopian. Have you ever had it?? You have to eat with your hands! You know how if you go to a Chinese restaurant they give you chopsticks but there are usually some North American utensils around if your fine motor skills aren’t up to par that night? Yeah, there were no utensils IN SIGHT. lol

I went with BSM and he had never experienced this either, so the waiter suggested we order their platter that has a little bit of everything on it so we could sample lots of different items – chicken, beef, lentils all in different tasty and spicy sauces!

See that “blanket” like thing the food is sitting on? That’s called injera, and you rip pieces of it off and use it to scoop up the food. Kind of like pita bread’s function with tabbouleh or humus. Below you can see BSM ripping off some injera.

The waiter we had was awesome and we all laughed lots together as us two Canadians learned about his culture. By the end, BSM and I were stuffed and our plate looked like a massacre had occurred. lol

After dinner we walked to Parliament Hill to see the light show – this is the first time I’ve seen the winter one! I’ve blogged before about the summer one.

Basically, a “movie” (depicting Canadian heritage) is projected onto the centre block of Parliament with musical accompaniment. It’s really beautiful. But without the snow, it just doesn’t seem like winter or Christmas yet!!

Then we walked a bit more around downtown, taking in all the Christmas lights – this is the War Memorial. Everything was so beautiful!

And this is the activity Abby did yesterday…she went from this:

…to this:

Ba-hahaha. She seriously cracks me up!!!

I ran 7 miles yesterday watching GOT – felt awesome. And this morning guess what?! I skipped my workout. Yup, it was a late night last night and I know that sleep is the most important thing I can give my body.

Busy and exciting weekend ahead for me! Hope it’s a good one for you!!

Happy Friday!!!

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