My furry paper shredder, teenagers and GOT!!

So Abby is super cute and she is super friendly and she is super great with kids…but she is a menace with paper. If I leave ANY paper within snout-reach, it will be torn to shreds. Without question. But she at least normally waits until I am not in the same room as her – so it’s a surprise of sorts for when I return. But the other night, I’m standing, not 3 feet from her, and I turn around to find this:

Seriously?? I’m RIGHT. HERE. And that look on her face. Priceless. No question as to who is boss, right? And hint, it’s not me.

Ok, so I LOVE Christmas and the holidays and time spent with family it brings. But another thing I love is that a cactus that I saved from being a nutrient in landfill at the hands of a neighbour last year, blooms only ONCE a year.

It’s a Christmas cactus! I love it!!

When people meet Abby they often comment on how WHITE herΒ giant fangs teeth are. This is the reason:

No joke, she eats at least 2 of these per day. And no, they do not upset her stomach in the least. I swear, her digestive track is made of steel.

Last night I worked late…teaching a yoga class to teens and then one to their parents right afterwards…

…guess which one was more relaxing? lol. I swear, these kids will be both the life and death of me at work. They drive me crazy and yet they make me laugh so hard!

Workouts this week:

Monday –Β 6 miles in Zone 1 + squats and push-ups. For squats I typically do 3 sets of 10 reps with 100lbs on my bar. Did I tell you that I have started re-watching GOT?? I’m up to Season 4 on Sons of Anarchy which I don’t currently have access to at the moment, so I started re-watching GOT…OMG, it’s almost BETTER the second time around!!

Tuesday – 2 miles warm-up followed by 5 miles in Zone 3 (low-end). This was around a 7:20min/mile pace (4:33 min/km). THANK GOD FOR GOT!!!!

Today is a rest day…kind of like Abby’s life, no?

Happy Wednesday!!

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