Hole in my stick, my legs seeing the light of day and armpit snuggles.

I can’t remember when the last time I had such a relaxing weekend was – one where I got all my grocery shopping, house chores, and weekly food prep done…BEFORE SUNDAY Even got some xmas shopping in!

Saturday morning I played hockey…and wow. I was useless. Sure, I scored a couple of goals, but my teammates probably remember more the number of goals I MISSED. It’s like my stick had a hole in it! lol

Sunday morning was my long run…and OMG

On December 6th, here in Ottawa, Canada, I wore SHORTS for my long run. Can I tell you how awesome it was??? FG and I did 10 miles.

Meanwhile, this is what Abby was doing.


Sunday afternoon was date time…we went furniture shopping – he needed a new sofa. Do you know how fun it is to furniture shop when it’s not your money?? Amazing.

This is basically what Abby was doing all yesterday afternoon and evening.

We also had some armpit snuggles. This is something she has done since she was a puppy. Hilarious.

My sister-in-law sent me a text this weekend that said, “Jackson was sent to his room for bad behaviour and after it had been (too) quiet for a while I went up to check on him and found this…please note, he was not wearing this when I sent him up there”

I just about died laughing!

Happy Monday!!

8 thoughts on “Hole in my stick, my legs seeing the light of day and armpit snuggles.

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      My nephew cracks me up – and I love this “superhero” phase that he is in!! Yes, I think that from now on, weekends are going to be INSANE!!! But still, love the holiday time of year!! 🙂



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