Winter-non-Winter, my Girl-Pack + coach and Yoda’s thoughts on Abby.

It’s winter, but it’s not winter at the same time. We’ve had some cold weather and snow and now we’re having less cold weather (let’s be clear, I’m still wearing my parka lol) and rain now…and there’s thought that we will have a green Christmas. I am not a fan of green Christmas’…they’re just not right.

But regardless of the weather, the sky in the morning here…

…and at night, downtown…

Quick training recap for the week so far:

Monday – I’m pretty sure I might have still been drunk from Saturday night. I managed 5 miles in Zone 1 heart rate, but strength training was right out of the questions – maybe for safety than anything else! lol

Tuesday – 2 miles warm-up + 4 miles in Zone 3 heart rate (this worked out to around 7:20min/mi or 4:33min/km). Felt pretty good!

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 5 miles in Zone 2 heart rate + strength training

Last night was my racing team’s annual Christmas Dinner where we get together for a good meal, thank our coach for his work over the past year with us and give him some fun gifts! I was nominated (as I have been before because I like to talk!)) to give the speech…so I tried to make it more fun this year I did it to ‘Twas the Night before Christmas and managed to fit all my teammates’ names in it! One of the gifts we gave our coach was a calendar I made with pictures I took through the year of us on our long runs or during practices – he loved it!!

My selfie-stick came in handy again last night…although I need to learn how to hold it, take a picture and not look like I’m concentrating really hard!! lol

A friend sent this to me yesterday saying that he thought of me as soon as he saw it…

…this is TOTALLY me!!

Speaking of badass. Dachshunds (wiener dogs) are badass…badass disobedient and stubborn that is! So when I saw this, I burst out laughing!

Speaking of my patience-maker…

It’s a tough life.

Happy Thursday!!



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