My stick wielding skills, my dancing partner, and the end of an incredible season!

Saturday morning , during hockey, I took a nasty slash to my knee. The kind that barely leaves a mark but hits that “perfect” spot sending radiating electrical pain throughout your thigh. The kind that makes you leave the game for a few minutes so you can take deep breaths in hopes you can stop yourself from throwing up.And the worst part of it all? The slash to my knee was at the hands of MY OWN STICK!! Gah!!

As I wrote in a previous post, almost 15 years ago, I was a slave in Mexico. Seriously. I took a year off between my undergraduate degree and graduate school and was hired by a 5 star golf & spa resort in Mexico, under the pretense that I would be a fitness instructor. But when I got there, I was informed that there was no fitness instructor role, nor would there be…I was there to be a dancer…you know the ones in those evening shows…

Anyway, short of the long was that it was a terrifying experience. The drugs, the ever present threat of violence and the incredibly low status of women there…I was always in fear. While there, I shared a room with another Canadian…Marie-Michele. She and I would never be friends had we met outside of the walls of the prison resort, but given what we went through together, she and I have a bond that will never be broken. She lives in Quebec City and we have seen each other three times since Mexico…the most recent one being this past weekend. She brought her fiance, Torran, to Ottawa and I opened my house to them.

They toured themselves around Friday and Saturday morning, but Saturday afternoon, I took them to one of my favorite tourist attractions here in Ottawa – the Royal Canadian Mint…seriously, I love this place!

Perhaps even funnier when Torrran posed…

Holding a 28lb bar of 24k gold

And Saturday night I cooked dinner at my house…

…and we had “some” wine with dinner…

There were 3 of us. And those are 7 empty bottles of wine. Yeah, do the math on that and THEN try and figure out how we were still alive yesterday!!

Needless to say, this bacon was VERY much enjoyed Sunday morning!

Then last night was the Grey Cup…my team, in only its second year of existence, and having ended last season as the worst team in the league, was in the championship game. So, I went over to my parents’ place to watch the game. And while I was glued to the TV, nervously watching this incredibly tight game…others were less so…

In the end, the better team won, Edmonton beat Ottawa 26-20 by scoring a touchdown in the final minutes of the game. But Ottawa should be proud – they won the East division, they made it to and fought hard in the Grey Cup AND, at the CFL awards, my team took home some unbelievable awards:

The league’s Most Outstanding Player, Most Outstanding Canadian Player, Most Outstanding Lineman and the CFL’s Coach of the Year. That’s pretty friggin’ incredible for a team who, just last year, we cheered if they simply CAUGHT the ball.

Meanwhile, my nephew is into Superheroes now…and thinks he is one when he’s in his hockey gear…this is him flexing his muscles.

Too cute!!

Happy Monday!!

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