This week’s training rundown + update on my dating life (be prepared to laugh)!

Wow! Where did the week go?? Let’s see…

It’s been (and will be for the next 6 months!!) so dark in the mornings (and evenings!) when I walk Abby…thank god for her disco leash!

But the sunrises have been pretty spectacular!

Monday – 4 miles easy (Zone 1 HR) + strength training


Tuesday – 2 miles easy + 4 miles Tempo (Zone 3 HR)…FINALLY, in my 3rd week of this particular training cycle, I didn’t spend the entire 4 miles wanting to die!!

Wednesday – rest day and out for dinner with family to celebrate my cousin’s 31st birthday! We went to an Italian restaurant…THAT DIDN’T SERVE PIZZA. Isn’t that illegal? Should be. FYI, I really LOVE pizza…especially, obviously, with bacon.

Thursday – up early for a strength workout with my core exercise being Russian Twists. Oh, and I did my push-ups using the TRX – my stabilizer muscles in my shoulders are singing today!

A friend recently asked me what bands I used for my clamshells…I use the ones that I got hereΒ and this is kind what they look like…in awkward way!

But they make doing the clamshells super easy in terms of easy band positioning and resistance rather than using a long band you have to tie!

Last night was SOOOOOO exciting for our team run. It was 14C/57F…in NOVEMBER…in CANADA. That’s like a heat wave!! And I totally went into my summer clothes and dug out my running shorts!!! 8 miles feeling almost naked. I was awesome!! And look at one of my teammates…she is in just a sports bra!!! And, as per usual, FG is towering above us!

Friday – did an easy 5 miles (Zone 1 HR) this morning – felt great!

Ok, as for my dating life. A friend of mine, who also reads my blog, just texted me saying that I need to do an update on it. People, seriously, it’s like a soap opera. Since NG ended things (back in July) I have dated a few men and here are some highlights:

Space Engineer Dude: it was over before it had really started when the waitress asked us what beer we wanted (we were at a pub that HE had suggested that basically only serves beer) and he said, “Oh, I don’t know. I don’t ever drink beer”. Whaaaaat? Then why are we here?? But it was REALLY over when he insulted my profession (and was clueless that he had) and even when I repeatedly asked him to change the subject because I found it hurtful, he kept digging his hole…trying to justify his opinion. He was so good looking with the ugliest personality. I politely asked him to never contact me again.

My Gut Knew Guy: I should have listened to my gut with this guy. Something was off. Right from the start. But I couldn’t put my finger on it and kept seeing him…and then one day he TEXTED ME (coward) and said, and I am DEAD SERIOUS, “I can’t continue to see you…you go to bed too early”. I just about fell over laughing. Ok, I actually did. And so did all my co-workers when I ran out of my office to show them his text!

Police Officer: We went out 6 times…then he TEXTED me (coward) and said, “I can’t continue to see you…I don’t see myself marrying you”. WHAT???? I should hope not!! We’ve only been out 6 times!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEN??? Again, after I got over the complete shock (marriage???) I laughed about this one.

MDH: Sigh. I know. You’re all screaming at me right now. There was an attempted reconciliation, but it soon went back to crazy land and I told him where to go…and let’s be clear, the sun doesn’t shine there. THIS TIME, I have no “what ifs”. It’s over for me.

Iron Chef: This one makes me sad. He is such a perfect guy. A chef. Competes in Ironmans. Incredibly nice. Loves canoeing and being outdoors. But for me, the chemistry just wasn’t there. And trust me, I tried to make it be there. But I just couldn’t. So I ended it. And let’s be clear, I didn’t do it via text message. I have bigger balls that My Gut Knew Guy and Police Officer. lol

So tonight I have a date with a new one. Stay tuned on Monday for the lastest on Days of Jane’s Life.

10 thoughts on “This week’s training rundown + update on my dating life (be prepared to laugh)!

  1. irtfyblog

    I’m sorry to hear about your dating woes…okay…not really because secretly I’m pining away for you and know that you’re eventually going to come to your senses and move closer to me just so we can have a…. LOL…. yeahhh….I tried to type that without laughing.

    If you want to know the best way to get dumped, this is what works for me: I always used the “It’s not me, it’s you.” line when I break up with someone. Yeah, that’s right. I blame them. Then I proceed to make sure I burn that bridge with a few crafty observations about what I didn’t like about them. – LOL – Works every time!!

    Okay, on a serious note…you’re a great woman, these guys just don’t know what they’re missing out on. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just a Running Chick

    Good grief so sorry about your love life! It reminds me of the time I went on a date with a guy who specifically made a point about always calling women back and not leaving them hanging and what does he do? He drops me off with the line, “I’ll call you” …. and never called!



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