Hockey, Bacon, Growlers and Guilt-Free Laziness!

What a great weekend – the perfect amount of excitement balanced with total relaxation.

Saturday morning was field hockey…I was on the red team and while I scored a couple of goals, we sucked overall…we’ll need to balance the teams better next week! lol

Then it was our team breakfast…

I will not order this again. In fact, we’re going to be looking for a new breakfast spot…the service sucks, those “homefries” are just cut up potatoes that even ketchup can’t help and I’m not even going to talk about that “hollandaise” sauce. The bacon is the only thing I want to remember about my meal – obvi.

I’m on the executive for our field hockey club and after the breakfast was our Annual General Meeting (AGM). I sit on three community boards (as a volunteer). I’m a member at large on one, the President of another and the Treasurer of my field hockey’s. All 3 boards have fiscal years ending Sep 30 and so it feels like it’s been non-stop AGM prep for months now!! But it’s finally over…for another year, that is. lol

Saturday night we went to a local craft Brewery (Bicycle Craft Brewery) and had a great time sampling their beer.

They just celebrated their 1 year anniversary and I only just learned about them so I had never tried their beer before…and their brewery is less than 5km from my house!! I’ll definitely be getting some of their growlers in the future to enjoy at home…

After the brewery tour we went to Jericho for dinner. This is a great little Lebanese restaurant that I used to go to at least a couple of times a year…but I haven’t been in almost 2 years. There were 6 of us, we were seated and the owner (who is also the sole server and chef!) started to take our orders and when I told him what I wanted he stopped, looked at me and said, “Like last time…with extra tabouleh and a Steamwhistle beer?” My jaw nearly hit the floor. He was right. Then he pointed to the front corner of the restaurant and said, “You know, when you were sitting there?”. Yup, he even remembered where I had sat. Now THAT is impressive. Made me feel bad that it had been so long since I had been back.

Sunday morning I woke up and just felt like being lazy. But had a long run scheduled with the team…but when I checked my messages, about 3 of the girls had bailed for various reasons…and then FG texted me and asked how badly I wanted to go…this was my answer:

We all bailed!!! LOL!! I love it!! And I did nothing all day Sunday except walk Abby and lie on the couch!! It was AMAZING!!!

Abby, while lazy inside, was full of energy outside!

Happy Monday!!

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