Living with a polar bear and running with a giant.

Let’s just be clear. While Abby may look like a dog (a short, wiener shaped one), that’s just a small part of her DNA. During the summer months her alligator genes come out as she glides through the water snapping at anything that moves…

And in the winter months, she is a polar bear…smashing down with her front paws (to crack through the imaginary ice) to catch her prey…

Cracks me up every single time she does it.

Last night was a team run…8 miles in seasonably warm temps (46F/8C)…here is me and FG…who is 6’1! lol

When I got home, I had some dinner and enjoyed a yummy German beer

This morning was an easy 4 miles on the treadmill…quickly followed by Abby soaking up the heat from the TM belt. lol

This weekend will include field hockey, a long run and a brewery tour with some friends! 🙂

Happy Friday!!

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