4 year olds, mental strength, and most important of all: Remembering & saying Thank You.

My sister-in-law sent this to me last week after coming home from work and hearing my nephew come down the stairs and say, “Mom! I have  surprise for you” and showing up looking like this:

Seriously, does that not crack you up?! Look at how proud he is of himself!! LOL!!

I love xmas lights around the house, but no, this is just too early for them. Can we just wait until December, please?

Yesterday was Tempo Tuesday…and I found it very tough. It was the same workout as last week: 2 mile warm-up + 4 miles in Zone 3 heart rate, and I found myself barely able to keep a pace that would keep me in the low end of that heart rate zone…

…mentally I was really struggling and I’m not entirely sure why.  I just found it really difficult yesterday. Abby, as usual, had the better idea…

I need to act like this during my next tempo run:

Yesterday, I found myself having periodic, what I can only describe as, calf cramping. Both sides, more in my soleus I think. Once the cramp is finished, I have no pain, no tightness in my calves…it’s bizarre because I have never had cramping this far down in my calf and I don’t feel like I have particularly tight calves right now. It kept happening all day yesterday and is continuing in to today as well. I did some rolling of them last night…

…with some furry help of course! Today is a rest day so I’ll see how it feels tomorrow…

Today is Remembrance Day.

Many people are given the day off, but the hospital I work for is not one of those employers. I wish it was. Instead, I watched the ceremonies online from my office – this is a still from those ceremonies here in Ottawa at the War Memorial.

To all those who have served or who are serving. THANK YOU. And I hope that we learn to take better care of you when you come home to us.

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