Polar hydrants, lazy clamshells and livin’ la vida Abby!

When I was walking Abby the other morning I saw something that is very normal to me, but I realized might not be to everyone…specifically those who don’t live in a polar world half of the year.

All of our fire hydrants get these “posts” attached to them in the fall and they’re there until the spring…they act as markers for where a hydrant in located…even when we have 8 feet of snow! 

This is this week’s training schedule:
So yesterday I did my 4 miles in Zone 1 – felt pretty good.
Followed up with some strength training – just the basics:

Squats – apparently something was very interesting up ahead of me lol

And then my clamshells…here’s a good video that describes how to do these correctly…I find it easy to get lazy (I realized I had started to become lazy) and lose form…which makes these almost pointless.

Clamshells for Runners

And some push-ups…thank goodness I don’t need fancy surroundings to be motivated to workout! lol

I was spoiled and had dinner made for me last night…I literally didn’t have to do a thing…not even open the bottle of wine. Sigh. It’s like living Abby’s life. lol

Happy Tuesday!

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