My team did WHAT?! Baconless and Leaf me alone!

Ok, I need to start off with THE MOST UNREAL NEWS.

If you read my blog even somewhat regularly, you know that while I love my city’s football team, the Redblacks, I make fun of them…constantly. My dad and I have season tickets and, since their birth into the Canadian Football League (CFL) last year, we have been treated to some amazing comedy and bloopers. From barely being able to catch a ball to, I think, often losing more yards in penalties than they gain, and finishing last year with a 2-16 record (and don’t even ask me HOW they managed to even win those 2 games!!), this past Saturday, they did something INCREDIBLE. Something that hasn’t been done by an Ottawa football team since 1982.

They finished this season on Saturday with a record of 12-6 and are currently, get this, NUMBER ONE IN THE EAST DIVISION. They won a direct ticket to the division championship game in 2 weeks (held here in Ottawa) and should they manage to win that, they will head to the GREY CUP. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???!!! THAT hasn’t happened since here 1981. Now, winning the game in 2 weeks is not a given…AT ALL. They are still the team that makes incredibly DUMB moves more often than my heart can sometimes take, but just the fact there is a legitimate chance? UNBELIEVABLE.
This is the only other pic I took – it was too cold to have my hands out of mitts…and out from underneath my blanket!! I’ll probably be in my parka at the next game!

Ok, so backing it up a bit, Saturday morning marked the first of the winter season for field hockey. We knew that we would be missing a few people this past weekend…and wow, did that ever make it an AWAKENING experience.

It was 3 on 3…um yeah, you don’t really get any time to catch your breath. I had to help my parents with something right afterwards which meant I missed the team breakfast…which meant I missed out on bacon…and that’s all I want to say about that! lol

Sunday morning was a long run with the girls…

12 miles…in gorgeous sunshine…

…and freezing temps. My poor fingers!!

And yes, I was wearing mittens!! Stupid Reynaud’s.

I spent most of the rest of the weekend putting my garden to sleep and raking leaves. I have a very small garden and a postage sized stamp backyard so I was NOT impressed that I still managed to have this much compost by the end of it!

But my complaining came to a complete halt when I saw, while walking Abby, what this poor person has to deal with!

That is insane to me. lol

This was Abby when I woke up this morning. Rough life.

Happy Monday!!!

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