How Abby can derail a workout!

We are having, like many, incredible weather this week (well, relative to what we would normally be experiencing in November). While still cool in the mornings, the sun has been incredible…

Like this sunrise yesterday that I got to see while walking Abby…

And then, as I was walking Abby last night, I was treated to another show of beauty.

Today is Thursday, which means it’s Team Run day and strength training. I will be meeting up with some of the girls tonight to go for a run outside in some PHENOMENAL weather (although I can’t guarantee I won’t be wearing mitts lol). This morning I got up early and did my strength workout – I’m realistic, I know it won’t happen AFTER my run tonight!

My quads are still tender from the squats on Monday, so I did some step-ups instead

If you’ve never done them before, here’s a decent tutorial

Then I did some dead lifts

And some clamshells and some pushups

And that was it…partly because SOMEONE


She really does drive me crazy sometimes…but other times, she cracks me up…like when she demonstrates her “Polar Bear Jump”

See? Just like a polar bear jumping up and slamming down on the ice. Seriously cracks me up that dog.

Happy Thursday!!

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