My Tempo Tuesday vs. Abby’s

Yesterday marked the return of Tempo Tuesday. And with that brings a mixture of emotions…high levels of fear before the workout, assessments of my sanity during, and feelings of super powers afterwards!

Last (serious) training cycle, I based my tempo speed based on my race pace for the half that I wanted to (and did) PB in last May. This time, given my revelation that I do MUCH better in races when I’m going by feel rather than stressing about my watch, I’m going to do my tempo runs based on my HR – just like I do for all my other runs. So yesterday, to keep my heart rate in Zone 3, I ran at a pace of 7:30min/mi (4:40min/km) and this kept my HR in the lower half of the zone – which was perfect for my first day back at Tempo Tuesday! 🙂

Afterwards, Abby had her turn on the treadmill…

I think she’s the smarter of the two of us! lol

By the end of yesterday, I was SO SORE. The strength training of Monday had caught up to me, big time. So I did some stretching while watching TV…or at least tried to. I had someone near me who had other things in mind!

And then after that it was cuddle time…she fell asleep with her snout stuffed into my armpit!

Don’t you wish you had an Abby of your own? lol

Happy Wednesday!!

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