First day back on the road, My Halloweiner, and lunch with my friend.

Hi!!!! Yup, it’s been a while. As I promised my body, I took 2 weeks off from training…and it was awesome! I stayed up late (11pm lol) and slept in late (7am lol)…drank beer and ate bacon…ok, fine, the latter two happen year round! lol

I met up with some of my teammates on Saturday morning for a long run. It was -4C/25F. That’s all I need to say about the weather, right? Sigh.

We are all coming off a long season and a 2-3 week recovery time so we decided, collectively, to make this a 10 mile run and at a really easy pace. We decided what route we would do and off we went. It may have been cold but HOW BEAUTIFUL is fall in Ottawa??!! In this pic, we’re on the Quebec side of the river and in the distance you can see the Parliament Buildings.

Somewhere along the way, we changed routes and honestly thought that it wouldn’t change the distance.

Yeah, we were wrong. We did 12 miles. But the pace was good – averaged 8:32min/mi ( and we got caught up on each other’s lives. I think we almost solved world peace. I am so lucky to have these women in my life.

At one point we had a bathroom break and FG showed off her new mitts…

That have magnets so you don’t lose one (without losing both)…but they come in handy in public restrooms!!!

Spent the rest of the day eating, drinking (rehydrating!!) and cleaning my house. Had a friend over Saturday night and we gave out candy and watched Abby LOSE HER MIND every time the doorbell rang.

She was locked in the living room behind a baby gate and seriously, the look on her face right there says, “You get that baby gate the hell out of here and let me AT THAT DOOR!!!”. It was hilarious.

Sunday morning I did groceries and then met a friend for lunch. Remember this post I did back in the summer: Bullying and being given the chance to apologize 25 years later. He lives in Australia now and is back in Ottawa this week to deal with the last few outstanding issues in his father’s estate. He reached out and asked if I would like to meet for lunch on Sunday. Insert my grinning face. I was so happy that he would want to meet with me again!

Of course, the meal (Breakfast Tostada) I chose didn’t have bacon…so I had them throw on a few strips (bottom left)…

…and we had e a great time – lots of laughs and able to talk about present day stuff, not the issues that happened in middle school for him.
I might never seen him again. He has no reason to return to Canada now that his father is gone. But, at least now I honestly feel as though I can call him a friend.

Then last night, I did some serious stretching (12 miles after two weeks off isn’t the smartest thing to do) while watching a replay of the NYC marathon.

This morning marks day #1 of my training for my next half…in Februrary…in Birmingham, Alabama!! OMG, I can’t wait!!

It also marked the day that I had to bring out Abby’s disco leash. It’s just too dark now that I have to get up well BEFORE the crack o’ dawn!

And then, just to brighten your Monday, I leave you with this:

The Halloweiner Hangover

Happy Monday!!

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