Turkey insanity, Auntie Jane heaven, and passing on the bacon gene.

Yup. It was nothing but love this weekend. Auntie Jane love.

I left with my parents Friday morning to drive to a resort northeast of Toronto – think smaller version of where Dirty Dancing takes place where families stay in cabins, eat in a large dining room and have access to activities and a beautiful waterfront (minus the watermelons!). This place is half way between Ottawa, where my parents and I live, and where my brother and his family live making it a perfect place to meet and celebrate Thanksgiving weekend! πŸ™‚

It’s still a 3.5 hour drive though and my sister-in-law and I keep in touch as we’re driving towards each other…at one point she wanted to know where we were on the road…

I thought it was! lol

When we got there, not only was I greeted by my adorable nephew Jackson (who turned 4 yesterday!!!) but my 5 month old niece, Jillian, who is SOOOOO CUTE and interactive now!

I was more than happy to help with baby duty at night when she would wake up – she is just precious!

Especially when she falls back asleep!

We had the most incredible weather this weekend and were treated to UNREAL sunrises…this was taken from right in front of the cabin we were staying in.

We basically spent the weekend doing stuff together as a family…and eating. A lot.

Especially bacon. This was my (first) plate at breakfast every morning (the second and third plate only had bacon on them…seriously).

Can I tell you what a proud auntie I was when every morning when Jackson woke up the first thing he said was, “When are we going for bacon?” This is him at lunch…bacon meal #2 of the day!!

This was Thanksgiving dinner #1

It may be hard to see, but there are FOUR 1/2 inch thick slices of turkey on that plate. When I was finished, it barely looked like I had touched it. Such a waste. And we tried to tell the kitchen that the plates were far too big (no one at my table could even begin to finish it), but they didn’t think all that food waste was a problem. Boo.

So when I had it again the next night (lol), I was smarter and asked for only 1 slice!

We went to the awesome Pumpkin Patch we went to last year…

And watched them fire pumpkins out of a canon…because, why not propel pumpkins out of a cannon??

Then we went through a hay bale maze…

Which was really meant for kids, so then we went into the corn maze…

…and for some reason, thought it was a good idea to let a toddler lead us through it!

Yeah, we got SERIOUSLY lost. 4 adults and a toddler.

Our leader pointing in two different directions as to where we should go!

So lost that my dad, who had decided not to join us in the maze, finally stopped waiting for us figuring that he must have missed us when we came out, and went off to some other activity!

And Jackson went through the obstacle course that only just last year, I had to take him through it because he was too small to do it all by himself! Look at him tackle it like a boss now!

Seriously, isn’t he just the cutest!?

We went to the local zoo which Jackson loved!! I was impressed with the balance skills of this goat!

And really, who doesn’t love a camel!?

The best was this amazing slide they have…and my sister-in-law, being about 5 foot nothing, got to pretend she was a kid too!

You’ve seen me post pics about the lock system we have here in Ottawa for the Rideau Canal…well, in Peterborough, they have LIFT LOCKS! LOL. I know, nerdy, but I find it so cool to watch! These are the tallest ones in the world and were built in 1903…at the time, the amazing thing about them was that poured concrete had been used to build them…apparently that was a new thing back then! lol

A boat approaches from the lower level, wanting to continue on the river that is way up above, and gets themselves into the lift (a big bucket of water)

And the “bucket” above is filled with an extra 12 inches of water (which is the equivalent of 1000 pounds) and becomes heavier than the lower “bucket” and with hydraulics, it descends and the lower “bucket” is forced upwards. (This is the HIGHLY non-scientific way of explaining how this thing works by the way!!)

Until it reaches the top and the boat can now continue down the river!

And then it was onto the Canadian Canoe Museum. You know I love canoeing…so this was canoe nerd HEAVEN.

This whole place started because some canoe enthusiast started collecting canoes…and then suddenly found himself with almost 400 canoes and running out of space to keep them! lol And so the museum was born! It has INCREDIBLE history.

Including Royal History – apparently it’s Canada’s thing to give royalty, on special occasions (especially marriages), a canoe! They have kindly loaned us the canoes for this museum…I’m shocked they aren’t using them all the time! lol

This was a particularly favorite display piece of mine that they had…

…so Canadian it’s awesome.

Since I can’t afford to by myself a new canoe, I bought myself a very Canadian hat…with our non-official national emblem/logo…

Then when we got home Monday late afternoon, I was able to go and pick Abby up from the kennel…she danced around like a lunatic when she saw me and then as soon as she was safely tucked into the car, she fell immediately asleep. I just love her.

As you can see, there was lots of running happening in preparation for my race this weekend in St. Louis! I’m banking on bacon eating being part of solid training! πŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday!

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